This Supernatural Matchmaker In Taiwan Guarantees Results For Those Looking For Love

Tinder and other dating apps out there don’t quite make the cut for some Taiwanese, so it's up to the Love God to handle the matchmaking.

How Instagram Hunters Are Testing Hongkongers' Patience

Hong Kong boasts a host of must-have Instagram locations but crowds of snap-happy travellers are ruffling the locals' feathers.

Up In Smoke: New Research Says E-Cigarettes Still Damage Lungs

Whichever way you light up, there is still a risk of lung damage according to new Australian research.

​Plastic’s fantastic: Barbie Now Comes In A Wheelchair And Prosthetic Limbs

Barbie's new looks could help fight the stigma around physical disabilities.



Top 5 Loser Awards

There are some awards not worth winning.

UNRESERVED’s Holly Jolly Christmas Party

All the beautiful people gathered together in one unforgettable night. 

13 Memorable Celebrity Portmanteaus 

Some well-known, some made up but all really funny.
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Katy Perry Criticised Over Shoe Design Resembling Blackface

The singer's namesake brand faces criticism over two styles of shoes that some say feature racist imagery.

9 Date-Worthy Restaurants in Southeast Asia

Our Valentine’s Day guide to restaurants in the region that serve up the sexy.
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Current Affairs

Is Malaysia Ready for a Formula 1 Revival?

Mahathir hopes to bring the Malaysian Grand Prix back, but it’ll probably take some time.

New Research: Earth As We Know It Will Bug Out If Insects Go Extinct

The decline of insect species is issue that will be bugging us for future generations.

Attempting To Break Through Gender Bias in South Korean Society

More women struggling to get hired by companies are speaking up against the country’s patriarchal culture when it comes to the future of their careers. 
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Acquired Taste


​8 Extravagant Gifts Your Partner Will Adore

They will love you even more if you splurge on these luxe presents.


Apple's Next-Gen AirPods With Health Monitoring Features Just Might Rival Your Fitness Tracker

Will this Apple a day keep the doctor away?

Food & Drink

Would You Pay US$1,000 For A Durian?

The smell of success is sweeter than we think.


9 Weird, Expensive Things Rich People Might Be Into

When you have so much money buying robots and swirling furniture sounds like a good idea.
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from our contributors

Airbus Bids Adieu to the A380

A380 folds its wings in “painful decision”.

Are You A Sucker For Valentine’s?

Cupids, hearts, teddy bears, it’s time to put the Kool-Aid to rest.

Japan's wagyu beef looks to conquer the world

In a lush field in the heart of the Japanese mountains, a herd of glossy black cows roam happily - prime examples of the area's Hida brand of wagyu beef. 

In The Food For Love

Aphrodisiac food gets a splash of Shakespeare –“To eat or not to eat?”