Erman Akinci Shares the One Thing You Need to Do to Make Your Business Succeed

He’s as intrepid in his travels as he is in the business world. Common Ground’s Erman Akinci knows how to make the most of all he’s got. 

Ice Ice Baby

Syed Saddiq puts some skin into his game and gets iced by his followers.

The Head of Interpol Has Gone Missing and No One Knows Why

There's no indication as to when or whether he will be released.

Hold Your Horses, There's Going to Be a New Royal Baby

Newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting a bundle of joy. 
HP Spectre x360

The Surprising Role Malaysia Plays In Cybercrime

Espionage, money laundering, criminal conspiracies – cyberspace is fast becoming the next gangsta’s paradise.



Henry Golding is a Gentleman but He's Also a 'Toff Guy' 

You'll see him starring alongside Matthew McConaughey and Kate Beckinsale in Guy Ritchie's new film.

Why People Are Excited About Narnia's Newest Remake

The newest resurrection has landed in the lap of streaming service Netflix.
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The Way Solo Travel Differs Between Asians and Westerners

Insights into the different ways those from the East and those from the West travel.
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Current Affairs

The Problem With Mixed Martial Arts

Is there anything scarier and more horrifying than mixed martial arts?

Why Golf is Actually One of the Hardest Sports On the Planet

A frank discussion about the birdies and the bogeys that bring people back to the sport again and again.
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Acquired Taste


Here’s What all of Apple's New Gadgets Look Like

And what they're capable of.


Apple is Announcing Their New iPhone. Here's What to Expect

Apple fans the world over are gearing up for the tech giant's biggest announcement of the year.


7 Things to Get This Month, Just Because You Can

Purchases for the financially independent and unapologetic.


Did Musk's 'Pedo Tweet' Cause 24% of Tesla Orders to Be Cancelled?

Elon Musk grapples with cancellations of Tesla's Model 3 as well as negative reactions to the now infamous 'pedo tweet'.
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The 3 Ps and Why They're Important For Getting Your Child Into the 'Perfect' School 

Follow these tips to ensure that the school you choose is the right fit for your child.

Why More and More Governments are Legalising Marijuana

Marijuana is big business – find out how it's changing the game for everyone.

Tiger Woods Celebrates First PGA Tour Victory Since 2013

His golfing career finally seems to be heading in the right direction again.