This is Probably the Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Experience Yet

It's here: The largest ‘Game of Thrones’ exhibit to date has opened in Northern Ireland.

Live Like the King and Queen in the All-Time Favourite Game of Thrones

These homes straight out of 'Game of Thrones' will mesmerise and enchant you.

This Ban Reversal Left Scores of South Korean Women in Tears

The South Korean court ruled the six-decade-old ban must be lifted.
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Extra Precaution Needed When Driving Down These Infamous Roads

You’d need to really put your safe driving skills to the test.

Soon, You’ll Be Able to Rent Furniture from Ikea

The company is going eco-friendly to address concerns its affordable, flat-pack business model leads to overconsumption and waste.
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Current Affairs

What You Need to Know About Indonesia’s Huge Presidential Election

Muslim-majority Indonesia is set to hold the biggest, most complex one-day elections in the world.

Billionaires Pledge Millions in Euros to Rebuild Notre Dame

The fire-ravaged cathedral is already getting sizable funding.
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Acquired Taste

Food & Drink

This Champagne Bottle Does an Amazing Thing When Chilled

Time to wow your dinner guests with this little party trick.


8 Luxe Spring Must-Haves

Goodbye, winter blues. Spring is here and it's time to go shopping.


​8 Extravagant Gifts Your Partner Will Adore

They will love you even more if you splurge on these luxe presents.


Apple's Next-Gen AirPods With Health Monitoring Features Just Might Rival Your Fitness Tracker

Will this Apple a day keep the doctor away?
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All Eyes on the Work of These Four Malaysian Artists in Italy

It’s one of the most historic events for Malaysia yet this year.

The Lowdown on the UK Leaving the EU

Are you mystified by the soap opera that is Brexit? Are you still struggling with who is doing what to whom? Read on!

How to Get John Legend to Sing to You on Command

Google Assistant is determined to give you all of him.