The Effects of Brexit on This Side of the World

The United Kingdom has just 10 weeks to go before Brexit kicks in and kicks them out.

10 International Schools in Malaysia Worth Considering

The most repeated parent insight is not to be dazzled by the state-of-the-art, high-tech amenities.

How to Use Feng Shui to Help Your Business Succeed

Workplace harmony and good fortune can be attained through the ancient Chinese practice of geomancy.
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7 DAYS: Canadian Gets Death Sentence in China, Moon Plant Wilts, Ghostbusters Sequel Released

Our video series 7 Days gives you a quick recap of all the stories you need to know. 



A Recap of the Worst Things About Fyre Fest

Just in case anybody needed a reminder of what a fiery flop it was. 

The Bird Box Challenge is Stupid, but So Are These 5 Other Challenges

Despite its inherent danger, It's ~trending~ and Netflix (understandably) wants to nip it in the bud.

The 14 Best Dressed Stars at The Golden Globes

All the head-turning ensembles from a star-studded night.
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9 Weird, Expensive Things Rich People Might Be Into

When you have so much money buying robots and swirling furniture sounds like a good idea.

Does It Still Make Sense to Invest in Properties in London?

Is the property market in London still a sound option for investors?

21 Reasons You Need to Visit Dreamy, Alluring Île De Ré

Parisians have turned their backs on the French Riviera for the slower pace of Île de Ré.
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Current Affairs

A Huawei Employee Was Arrested in Poland On Spying Charges

The employee was let go for bringing the company into "disrepute".

When is a Sport Not a Sport?

An in-depth look at the complexities of what constitutes a sport and why.
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Acquired Taste


10 Christmas Presents that Will Spoil Your Kids and Fur-Kids

Get these treats and playthings under the tree.


9 Christmas Gifts She'll Want to See Under the Tree

Stuff your stockings with all that blings.


The Christmas Presents You Need to Get the Men in Your Life

Your Christmas presents, sorted.


Here's What It's Like Living the Lavish Life on a Superyacht

What the ultra-rich look for on these ultra-expensive floating playgrounds.
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Your Insider Guide to the Top Boarding Schools in the UK

Let us guide you through the labyrinth to find the best school for your child.

Here's Why It Doesn't Pay to be an Adrenaline Junkie

A meditation on the lost souls who get caught up in the traffic of epinephrine.