Amanda Lokman on Looking Good and Feeling Great

Mother of four and managing director of Aptus Associates Amanda Lokman believes in ageing gracefully and always making an effort to look good.

This Champagne Bottle Does an Amazing Thing When Chilled

Time to wow your dinner guests with this little party trick.

Just How Sexist is Malaysia?

A look into male chauvinism and patriarchy in Malaysian society.

Xavier Justo: The Man Who Got Tangled Up in 1MDB

A tale of intrigue, conspiracy, paranoia, prison, survival… and finally justice.

These 3 Cities Are the World's Most Expensive to Live In

You won't be saving in these cities anytime soon.
Equatorial Launch

Snapchat Inspired Filters Are Now on YouTube Stories

You can now add selfie filters to your videos, snapchat- style with the latest version of YouTube stories.



Why Everyone Is Abuzz Over The Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer

Scheduled to premiere on the 4 July, Netflix has unveiled a trailer for Season 3 of Stranger Things.

How HBO Mined Gold From This Iron Throne

The final season of Game of Thrones drops in April. Here's what we gathered about HBO's most successful and lucrative global conquest to date.

This Mermaid Academy Is Making A Splash

Now you can take lessons and be part of their world.
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Here Is Everything You Need to Know about STIs

Here's the 411 on the sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that are spreading across Asia.

Meet the First Indian Female Chef to Receive a Michelin Star

Chef Garima Arora has been named best female chef in Asia for her restaurant Gaa that serves progressive Indian-Thai cuisine.
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Current Affairs

The New Zealand Shooting That Shook the World

A shooter in Christchurch, New Zealand, went on a rampage killing 50 people and injuring 50 more.

Who Murdered the Gonzales Family in Cold Blood?

Was it racism or a more sinister motive behind the Gonzales family murders?

Malaysians Among Victims of Deadly Lombok Earthquake

A 5.5-magnitude earthquake on Indonesia's Lombok island has triggered a landslide, killing people including two Malaysians.
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Acquired Taste


8 Luxe Spring Must-Haves

Goodbye, winter blues. Spring is here and it's time to go shopping.


​8 Extravagant Gifts Your Partner Will Adore

They will love you even more if you splurge on these luxe presents.


Apple's Next-Gen AirPods With Health Monitoring Features Just Might Rival Your Fitness Tracker

Will this Apple a day keep the doctor away?

Food & Drink

Would You Pay US$1,000 For A Durian?

The smell of success is sweeter than we think.
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from our contributors

Lighting Up: A Look at Malaysia's Smoking Ban

Just how far are we willing  to go to punish smokers?

Error 404: Equality Not Found

Is the Southeast Asian tech space sexist? The answer is complicated.

The Pink City: Palaces, Peacocks and Paan 

Colourful, enticing and teeming with possibilities, Instagram-ready Jaipur is never bland nor boring.

Diversity on Display at the Oscars

The biggest awards show in Tinseltown was brimming with surprises and plenty of firsts.