ASEAN Nations May Be Forced to Choose Between the US and China

The Singapore PM believes the US-China spat could be harmful otherwise. 

The Best Way For You to Catch Up On the Week's Top Stories

Our video series 7 Days gives you a quick recap of all the stories you need to know. 

A Lineup of Stan Lee's Funniest Cameos in the Marvel Universe

Spotting Stan Lee became a fun Marvel movie past time.

How One of the World's Biggest Banks Got Tied Up in 1MDB

They could face serious penalties in light of Malaysia's biggest political scandal.
Unreserved Instagram Contest

The Crucial Information Boeing Kept From Lion Air

It may have been the point of difference in the fate of Lion Air JT610.



Don't Eat Lettuce from North America – You Might Get Sick

An E.coli outbreak in the United States and Canada has made people sick in 11 states.

4 Fine Dining Restaurants in Penang You Need to Try

You've had the char koay teow at New Lane, now it's time to go upmarket.
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Current Affairs

The APEC Summit in Papua New Guinea Was a Flop

The United States and China are still taking proverbial shots at each other while the world watches on.

Mahathir Throws Shade at Aung San Suu Kyi at ASEAN Summit

Amnesty International recently revoked their highest honour from Myanmar's de facto leader.

This Violent Sport is Played By Thousands of Japanese Teenagers

It's called Botaoshi and it's the most extreme sport you’ve probably never heard of.
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Acquired Taste


Here's What It's Like Living the Lavish Life on a Superyacht

What the ultra-rich look for on these ultra-expensive floating playgrounds.


Here’s What all of Apple's New Gadgets Look Like

And what they're capable of.


Apple is Announcing Their New iPhone. Here's What to Expect

Apple fans the world over are gearing up for the tech giant's biggest announcement of the year.


7 Things to Get This Month, Just Because You Can

Purchases for the financially independent and unapologetic.
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from our contributors

This is What Child Marriage Looks Like

Southeast Asia is a man’s world. What does this mean for child brides in the region?

Why Ghosts and Goblins Are Scarier in Southeast Asia

If you think a sinister clown is unnerving, then get acquainted with ghouls and demons. On this side of the world, you’ll be terrified.

Why the Issue of Fake News is More Complicated in Southeast Asia

Can the law finally snuff out ‘fake news’ in the region? Victims of disinformation are sceptical.