10 Tips to Surviving Valentine’s Day

Because everyone deserves to have an amazing V-day.
Tuesday 11 February 2020
Would the funfair be a fun date idea? Photo: Unsplah

Not everyone looks forward to Valentine’s Day with eager anticipation. If you’re filled with dread as 14 February approaches, fret not, we’ve got you covered on how to survive one of the most romantic days of the year.

Treat yourself

woman eating cake
A little chocolate never hurts. Photo: Unsplash.


Treating yourself isn’t just a gimmick to feel good about yourself; it does actually work. Invest some extra time in looking beautiful just because it makes you feel better, and not for other people’s pleasure.

Get that manicure you’ve been delaying and buy yourself that gourmet chocolate. The main mission is to omit the romanticised madness of Valentine’s and show a little love to the one that matters the most – yourself.

Have low expectations

Valentine’s Day sometimes gives one unrealistic expectations. Do you really need a ginormous bouquet of flowers or an overpriced meal to make you feel appreciated?

Try to keep your expectations low. Appreciate the small stuff, make each other coffee and sneak in kisses before you leave for work. Less can always be best.

Indulge in gastronomical therapy

couple cooking food together for valentine's day
Ulneash your inner Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson. Photo: Unsplash.


Despite what a lot of romantic comedies portray, ordering in dinner on V-day shouldn’t be the way to go. Take this opportunity to discover the cook you never knew you could be.

If you’re a beginner, Jamie Oliver’s extensive list of online recipes is easy to replicate. The Internet is also brimming with cooking video demos. Better yet, get Alexa or Google to help you find the easiest dish to cook.

Celebrate what you love

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be completely materialistic. Use the day to express and celebrate your love for one another. No, we aren’t asking you to spend the night talking about your feelings for one another. Take this time to enjoy what you love/like about each other.

Write down a list of all the things you commonly enjoy and spend the evening honouring all those things. Celebrate all the reasons you love each other with things that remind you of the good times in your relationship.

Gather the posse

drinking wine together
Valentine’s Day can still be a success even if you’re single. Photo: Unsplash.


Let’s not kid ourselves, that feeling of loneliness will somehow creep in on Valentine’s Day. Instead of dwelling on your single status, rally your girl-gang or your buddies for game night. Taboo, Cards Against Humanity, Uno, Scrabble? The list is endless.

Better yet, plan a wine and beer tasting party and get your friends to bring a few bottles of their favourite adult beverage. Get everyone to participate in blind taste tests. Guests can vote on their favourite in each category, and the winners get a fun prize.

Be a rebel

While you can celebrate your loved one on any day, the idea of celebrating Valentine’s does make your relationship a bit more special than usual. With this year’s Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday, you can expect a rush of madness happening everywhere in the city.

Have supper on Thursday or a sumptuous Saturday brunch. This will no doubt save you some moolah from spending on those specially curated Valentine’s meals and your sanity too by avoiding the restaurant rush.

Animals also need some love

man walking with his dog
Don’t neglect your furry friends. Photo: Unsplash.


If you’re one of those who aren’t into too much human interaction, release that energy on new furry friends instead. Find an animal shelter you can offer some help to for the evening or better yet, consider adopting a cat or a dog in need.

If that’s too much to commit to, take a drive or walk around your neighbourhood to feed the homeless (animals), or you can even offer to walk your neighbour’s dog so they can have a romantic night out.

Play secret cupid

Who says you need to have a significant other to receive chocolates, jewellery, or giant stuffed teddy bears on Valentine’s Day? Gather the troop and play “secret cupid” with your colleagues or among a selected group of friends.

Just like Christmas’ secret Santa, all you need to do is to draw a name, buy a gift for that person, and then have them guess who got who.

Take a chance on love

couples going on a date during valentine's day
Finding ‘The One’. Photo: Unsplash.


We’d be lying if the thought of finding true love didn’t cross our minds on this day. It’s okay to feel this way but don’t be desperate about it. Since there are probably tons of other single people who are looking for love on Valentine’s Day, it might be an ideal time to connect with someone new.

Go on a blind date and if it goes awry, it will make a good story to share with your mates later. Alternatively, you can start swiping left or right to find a suitable date for the night.

Anticipate delays and long queues

A Friday night Valentine’s Day outing might not pan out the way you’ve planned, especially if you’re planning on exploring a new spot. Pre-weekend traffic can get pretty intense, so make sure you plan ahead by checking the best routes to get to your destination fuss-free.

Although it’s hard to completely avoid the inevitable traffic, think about how these long waits in your car can potentially affect your night. For the ultimate stress-free relaxation, book a ride on Grab and check into a swanky hotel in the city.

This article is an excerpt from UNRESERVED’s Jan/Feb 2020 issue from the article Surviving Valentine’s Day.