3 Luxury Movie Theaters in Malaysia to Catch the Latest Films At

Especially for those who value the holistic cinematic experience
Wednesday 3 November 2021

Going to the movies is a sacred monthly for some of us. Choosing the right cinema can make or break that entire experience. When one already has Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar, it’s going to take a significant amount of ‘wow’ factor to lure people out of their homes. And we believe these locations have achieved just that! 


1. Dadi Cinemas

The latest addition to the movie theatre scene in Kuala Lumpur has arrived! Opening its doors on 1 November 2021, make plans for its Pavilion Kuala Lumpur location that’s equipped with a Star-Max Hall, where the entire hall is bedazzled with a twinkling starry vista.  

The location also offers a VIP experience with the premium Star+ Hall, a treat that you won’t want to miss. Premium twin leatherette recliner cabin seats, wireless charging pads, a service call button, and a private lounge with free flow selected concessions that patrons can indulge in before the movie begins. 

Dadi may be a new addition to the local offerings, but they already have plans to expand to Pavilion Bukit Jalil and Pavilion Damansara Heights. 


2. The Aurum Theatre by Golden Screen Cinemas

The crown jewel of Golden Screen Cinemas is the ultra-luxe Aurum Theatre, located in The Gardens Mall and The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey in Johor Bahru. Movie-goers are able to experience next-level comfort, thanks to the Getha Lux Suites. 

Complete with fleece blankets and soft pillows, the premium beds might just be the game changer in your cinematic excursions. The Getha Lux Suites are priced at RM150 per seat. 


3. TGV’s Indulge

If a film is going to be more than three hours long—we’re looking at you, Avengers: Endgame—you might as well splurge for maximum comfort. TGV’s Indulge is fitted with reclining chairs, comforters, and waiters-on-call. 

These seats are available at the 1 Utama, Sunway Velocity, and TGV Toppen in Johor Bahru. Prices can go up to RM65, but rest assured that a meal comes with that pass, so you definitely get the bang for your buck.