Wednesday 27 January 2021
Working from home is the new mantra for many offices during and even after lockdowns. Photo: Jotun

COVID-19 has triggered a new age of remote working. Although most countries are entering a much more relaxed phase of lockdowns, there are still many companies out there who have implemented work from home for an indefinite period. While conforming to this new norm, it is essential to find a dedicated workspace in your home to help you set aside household distractions and focus mainly on work. 

If you do not have a designated workspace, a living room office is a solution you might want to explore. Carving a home office out of a family room or common living area can benefit from the comfort and extra space. What you need are the right paint colours and some furnishing touches and you will be able to make this shift. If you lack a spare room, here are some home office ideas that Jotun’s colour experts have whipped up to inspire you to design a work-friendly and stylish home office with what you already have. 


Drench It In Colour 

Play up your workspace with colours. Photo: Jotun


One way to ensure your home office is far from looking dull is to paint on a few coats of high-gloss paint in a brighter shade. Although there is a play of colours, they work in harmony to provide a vibrant, organised and streamlined workspace.


Light-Filled Space 

Ensure there is plenty of lightness and brightness in your workspace for top productivity. Photo: Jotun


Light and bright workspace makes your daily routine much more bearable as it creates the ideal spot to think and ideate. If you have a window in your living room, consider setting up your workspace in that area. The key is to take advantage of any natural light that streams into your living room. It also makes your workspace look more spacious than it is. 


Game Room Study Combo 

Work and play come hand in hand. Build your game station in the vicinity of your workspace, but be sure to set it up strategically to avoid unnecessary distractions at all costs.


Effective Office Nook 

You can make the most of small spaces. Photo: Jotun


Small spaces are no excuse for not treating yourself to a stylish and effective workspace. A tiny workspace under the stairs makes efficient use of limited square footage to design and create a comfortable workspace for you to sit down and complete your to-do list. Above all else, the key to designing the right workspace is to personalise it. What works for one person may not necessarily work for you. Testing out a few ideas can help you unlock the perfect ratio of creativity and productivity.