4 of the Biggest Food and Drink Trends for 2020

Food for thought on what’s hot this year. 
Tuesday 7 January 2020
What does the future hold for the fruit industry? Photo: Unsplash

2019 witnessed the wave of bubble tea fandom and the rise of vegan options, spearheaded by the Impossible Burger. But what does the new decade hold for the industry? From low alcohol booze options to searches for collagen in meals, check out the food and drink trends for 2020.

The growth of vegan food options

2019 certainly witnessed the renaissance of plant-based meals. And this year is set to be no different. The food trend in 2020 will see restaurants going beyond fake meat products to include vegan milk, cheese, sauces and condiments. Additionally, expect more restaurants to roll out plant-based dishes and label them on their menus. Therefore, ensuring an inclusive dining experience for all guests.

vegetables - food
Photo: Would you consider a vegan diet? Unsplash

When less is more

According to restaurant industry consultants Technomic, diners can expect to see more spirit-free cocktails, sparkling hopped water, kombuchas and low alcohol wines. Brands are looking to ditch the alcohol, without sacrificing the flavor. Heineken’s 0.0 is a testament to consumers craving for beer, but without the alcohol kick. Additionally, at 69 calories per 330ml, this is the ultimate treat for weight-watchers too.

Demand for collagen, starfruit and squid ink

At first look, these above ingredients represent a random set of treats that would even leave Heston Blumenthal flabbergasted. But Uber Eats ranked these foods as the favourites for this year, thanks to an increase in search appearances for 2019. Other top ranked items include cold brew, kale, chickpeas and brussels sprouts.

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Surprisingly, starfruits are expected to be popular this year. Photo: Unsplash

The rise of home meal kits

There’s nothing quite like a homemade meal. After a long day at work, most of us would appreciate a warm plate of food. However, we don’t have the time to cook. The solution? The popularity of home meal kits with pre-measured ingredients are set to continue. The lack of prep time and the convenience of enjoying a plate of delicious food at various hours are the main contributing factors to this food trend in 2020.

So the next time you’re heading out for a meal or cooking at home, do note if you’re applying any of these food and drink trends for 2020. Speaking of trends, do check out our interview with Chef Tamara Chavez on the potential growth of Latin food in Southeast Asia.

Source: AFP Relax News