4 Luxury Cinema Halls in Malaysia Perfect For Special Occasions

For days when you’re in the mood to splurge, a lot. 
Friday 13 December 2019
Seen a cinema hall like this before? Photo: Aurum Theatre.

Watching a movie is a fun experience, especially when you’re in one of the luxury cinema halls in Malaysia. Yes, Netflix does make it a whole lot easier to catch your favourite films from the comfort of your home. However, on some days, you just have to head to the big screens.

From the Gold Class experiences of Pavillion and 1 Utama to the ultra luxurious affair at The Garden’s Aurum Theatre, we bring you the best places to watch a movie in Malaysia, especially when you’re in the mood to splurge, a lot.

1. Golden Screen Cinemas – Gold Class

28234923_10156400621172275_4499916972146697382_o (1) - cinema
Photo: Golden Screen Cinemas

The popular cinema chain has made a name for itself with their variety of cinematic experiences. The Gold Class range offers a respite from someone kicking your chair from behind for two hours straight. A nice reclining chair and some comfy blankets make it a very comfy experience indeed.

The ticket comes with access to the exclusive lounge and food delivery direct to your seat. The prices vary based on the movie timings, but a peak hour show will set you back at least RM60.

2. Tanjung Golden Village – INDULDGE

Indulge2 - cinema
Photo: Tanjung Golden Village


Long gone are the days when cinemas were just a screening venue for movies. Now, these movie joints are stepping it up in a bid to become one of the luxury cinema halls in Malaysia for special occasions.

Available in 1 Utama and Sunway Velocity, INDULDGE is fitted with reclining chairs, comforters and personalised waiters-on-call. Prices can go up to RM65 with a meal included.

3. MBO Cinemas – Premier

17880001_10154626270118790_815130830490707216_o (1) - cinema
Photo: MBO Cinemas

Malaysia’s third largest cinema chain offers movie buffs a premium experience with its Premier halls. Set in Damansara’s Starling Mall and Kuching’s The Spring, the service comes with reclining sofa leather chairs and adjustable side tables for your food.

Speaking of food, the upscale offering comes with a Premier pack that contains a water bottle, sandwich, popcorn and chocolate for your sweet tooth cravings. Prices inclusive of this pack can go up to RM49.

4. Golden Screen Cinemas – Aurum Theatre

77066791_154886212574623_3118358020258529280_o (1) - cinema
Photo: Aurum Theatre


No list of the luxury cinemas halls in Malaysia would be complete without the brand new, ultra-luxe, boutique cinema. Launched in The Gardens and Johor Bahru’s The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey, Aurum offers movie-goers a chance to experience the Getha Lux Suites.

The premium beds are equipped with fleece blankets and soft pillows to provide the most comfortable movie experience. Additionally, Aurum in The Gardens is also built with three Escape Studios, each tastefully designed with Scandinavian influence, a retro pop art hall and Wes Anderson-inspired setting.

To redefine the experience, all golden passes come with selected food and drink options form the Jin Gastrobar. Prices at Aurum vary based on the different cinema halls, ranging from RM120 – RM150.

In a bid to bring back the glory days of the cinema, each of these unique movie halls offer an extravagant experience, perfect for special occasions. So the next time you’re looking to pamper yourself, here’s an idea on what to do and where to go.

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