5 Highball Recipes to Beat the Heat

Easy ways to mix up your cocktail game. 
Tuesday 9 June 2020
You don't need to be an expert to whip up these tipples. Photo: Pixabay

Looking for a little reward to celebrate the weekend on a hot Saturday afternoon? Well the good news is, all you need is some ice, spirits, and a little fizz. So check out these highball recipes that can be easily whipped up at home.

whisky highball recipe
Photo: Johnnie Walker

This is the perfect highball recipe to get you going when the sun is beating down directly on you. In a glass filled with ice, add in 50ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label and top up with lemonade. Stir and add a lemon twist for a combination of sweet and sour notes that creates a fruity and citrusy experience.


Tequila isn’t just meant for Friday nights out with the mates. In this super easy highball recipe, grab a tall glass, throw in some ice, add 60ml of a tequila of your choice and a squeeze of lime. Finally, fill the glass with some soda, kick back and binge watch your favorite Netflix shows.

whisky highball recipe
Photo: Johnnie Walker

Alternatively, if you’re feeling bold and in need of something spicy, this whisky highball will get you in the right mood. Simply stir 50ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label with 150ml of ginger ale over ice for the perfect love affair between spice and fire.

pimm's cup recipe
Photo: Unsplash

Looking to switch up your usual lemonade? Grab a couple of ice cubes and pour 150ml of classic Pimm’s No.1. Next, fill the glass with lemon-lime soda and garnish with some mint and a slice or orange for a complete highball recipe that’s impossible to mess up.

gin highball recipe
Photo: The Spruce Eats

Similarly, freshen up your usual gin and tonic with the help of some lime juice. Start off by filling a glass with ice and 60ml of a gin of your choice. Then add in a healthy dose of fresh lime juice before filling the glass with club soda to help beat the blistering midday heat.