Saturday 2 February 2019
How not to reject a marriage proposal. Photo: iStock

Gathering the courage to propose marriage to a partner is nerve-wrecking enough. What most people would expect is a mutual feeling that will lead to a confirmed yes. But life isn’t a box of chocolates and you really wouldn’t know what answer you’re going get. These couples learnt first-hand that sometimes just love ain’t enough and that saying no can lead to grave consequences.

Toilet troubles

Unlike Jennifer Lopez’s anthem of love not costing a thing, this failed love story reveals that affections do sometimes come with a hefty price. A hopeful Chinese boyfriend’s marriage proposal was rejected for one of the harshest reasons. Having a roof over his head wasn’t a problem, it was the lack of toilet facilities in his home that riled her up. “Your home doesn’t even have a toilet, it doesn’t even have bathing facilities,” she yelled at him in the video. The heartbroken boyfriend was spotted silently leaving the scene.

The stalking student

Crushes on teachers are usually silly infatuations but this unidentified teenager decided to take it a tad too far. With his mates rallying beside him, the young chap decided to profess his love for his teacher with a marriage proposal. He even came equipped with a red banner declaring, “Miss Li, I love you! Marry me”. His seemingly romantic gesture was unfortunately not reciprocated. “Stop fooling around. Please get up,” his love interest retorted. His refusal to give up led to her to shove him and she proceeded to let him know she already had a boyfriend.

The mile high proposal

What should have been one of the happiest days of this flight attendant’s life turned into a shocking dismissal by her employers, The China Eastern Airlines. Her longtime boyfriend decided to pop the question in the during one her flights. Needless to say, his surprise proposal earned him a firm yes from her, and the approval of the rest of the passengers on board. The couple’s momentous moment was however disapproved by her bosses and she was subsequently terminated from her job with the airlines. According to upper management, the move was made over concerns that she “neglected passenger safety”.

The mountain mayhem

distastrous proposals-iStock - love

Yes to marriage, no to getting lost in the wilderness. Photo: iStock

Texan couple, Joshua Mason and Katie Davis traveled to Colorado for a hike at Jasper Peak and climbed to reach its 13,000-foot summit. Mason had planned to propose to Davis at an isolated scenic location and the plan was a success when she said yes. But it began to get dark and they couldn’t find their back to their car. A passing hiker found them and brought them to nearby camping grounds and the couple began showing symptoms of altitude sickness and dehydration. The campers helped them get to a lower altitude and they eventually recovered enough to journey back to their car. We’re guessing she still said yes…

The ballgame blunder

disastrous proposals-baseball-iStock - love

Hooray for a homerun, but no to getting married. Photo: iStock

A public proposal at a Red Sox game turned into an absolute nightmare for one particular man. This baseball fan decided to pop the question during a break, but the proposal didn’t receive the answer he was expecting. The Red Sox team tried to preserve his dignity after being publicly rejected on the big screen but fans decided not to let it go. Imagine thinking you would be kissing in celebration but ending  up with an entire stadium chanting, “She said no” over and over again. Fortunately for the poor lad, there wasn’t any video evidence of the heartbreaking moment.

Fatal rejection

Sometimes love hurts, but for poor Tara Serino, it kills. Her boyfriend Christopher Ryan Tucker confessed to his crime of passion when he was arrested in Illinois in 2017, saying he had done it because she had said “no”. Serino was strangled until her neck snapped and her eyes popped out after being beaten with a hatchet. Tucker fled Pennsylvania after committing the heinous crime but was apprehended in Illinois after he attempted to steal a motorized combine from a farm.

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