Friday 2 August 2019

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Here are UNRESERVED’s news highlights from the last #7days.

11/08/2019 – 17/08/2019

1. Typhoon Lekima death toll hits 49.

2. Japan lashed by Storm Krosa, hinders peak holiday period.

3. Body of Franco-Irish teen found in Malaysian jungle.

4. China slams Hong Kong airport protesters.

5. Badly behaved tourists in Bali get in trouble.

6. Jokowi pledges relocating Indonesia’s capital to Borneo.

04/08/2019 – 10/08/2019

1. Hundreds of flights to and from Hong Kong affected.

2. British Airways cancels over a hundred flights following IT failure.

3. Philippines approves plan to build new Manila airport.

4. July scorcher: 2019 set to be among the hottest years.

5. Game of Thrones creators ink massive Netflix deal.

28/06/2019 – 03/07/2019

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