7 DAYS: Volcano Eruptions, Thailand Legalises Medical Marijuana, 'Aquaman' Dominates Box Office

Our video series 7 Days gives you a quick recap of all the stories you need to know. 
Saturday 8 December 2018

​Catch up with the last 7 days of culture, life and current affairs with UNRESERVED. Here are the week’s stories in bite-sized segments that will keep you up to date and in the know.

1. Anak Krakatoa causes widespread devastation in Indonesia
2. Philippines’ Mount Mayon spews ash
3. Italy’s Mount Etna triggers earthquake
4. Thailand legalises medical marijuana
5. PAS warns Muslims not to celebrate Christmas
6. Japan to resume commercial whaling
7. Aquaman dominates at the box office

15/12/18 – 21/12/18 Recap

1. Malaysia files criminal charges against Goldman Sachs
2. China warns against US ‘weaponising’ space.
3. Nike experience surge in sales.
4. Ofo owes deposit refunds to millions of customers.
5. Court denies extension of detention of ex-Nissan chairman, Carlos Ghosn.
6. Manchester United sacks Jose Mourinho
7. Miss Philippines wins Miss Universe 2018.

8/12/18 – 14/12/18 Recap

1. China bans most iPhones
2. Demolition of Highland Towers postponed
3. Najib charged with altering final 1MDB audit
4. Thai tourist killed in Strasbourg attack
5. Theresa May wins vote of confidence
6. NSFW content no longer allowed on Tumblr
7. Crazy Rich Asians’ Golden Globes and SAG nominations

1/12/18 – 7/12/18 Recap

1. Huawei CFO arrested
2. Duterte jokes about taking marijuana
3. Lebanon shows support for Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn
4. Increasing popularity of Red Flag sedan in China
5. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding
6. Jackie Chan’s English memoir
7. Awkwafina to star in her own show

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