9 Weird, Expensive Things Rich People Might Be Into

When you have so much money buying robots and swirling furniture sounds like a good idea.
Friday 11 January 2019
Master of lines, Shantell Martin's re-imagining of the Tiffany & Co Greenhouse. Photo: Tiffany & Co./Instagram

When faced with more money than they know what to do with, people have always splurged on the remarkable and outlandish (Donald Trump’s infamous gold bathrooms are ringing a bell).

From dead shark artworks to diamond encrusted nail polishes, the world of insane luxury has its moments that really make the rest of the world wonder. Relatively new to the shelves of luxury shopping are some picks below that might make you itch to grab your wallet or gape at the impressive price tags.

1. Supreme Stern Pinball Machine

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Spring/Summer 2018 Supreme®/Stern® Pinball Machine 📹 @kings0l0m0n

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A step up from the Brick (yes, that brick) that famous skate-brand Supreme threw at its fans previously, is the pinball machine. Over the years, the brand has gained traction and has garnered a bit of a cult following.

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They’re well known for slapping their iconic red and white logo on anything and everything including dog bowls, a crowbar and even a stash bible. In 2018 they bestowed a pinball machine on their hardcore fans, some of whom are willing to part with more than US$30,000 for it.

2. Gläce Luxury Ice

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If you can afford to buy that rare 25-year-old aged whiskey by Johnnie Walker you wouldn’t want to waste that liquid gold pairing it with any old ice that was made in any old ice cube tray. Puh-elase. Gläce Ice has come out with premium ice blocks to perfectly go with your premium drinks.

Handpacked in resealable packets with air filters, Gläce Ice comes in two shapes, cubic and spherical, both carved specifically for optimal cooling to melting ratios. Sold in subscriptions, they average out at around US$5 per ice cube. It’s a small price to pay for someone to appreciate the luxury of uncontaminated whiskey.

3. Tiffany & Co Greenhouse

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Tiffany & Co are well known for their beautiful designs and diamonds, but all the while, they’ve been quietly cultivating their homeware section too. Their ‘Everyday Objects’ collection is filled with magically adorable items like their sterling silver clothes pins to paper cups made out of bone china. But are any of these a necessity? Pfft, no. We’re talking about playthings, not sundries. Go to Daiso for that, okay?

The largest item on this list is arguably the most useful, a sterling silver Greenhouse. With gorgeous shining silver lines and a beautifully simple design, the Greenhouse is almost too beautiful to use. There are even spruced up versions featuring collaborations between the brand and artists Laurie Simmons, Marilyn Minter, Anna-Wili Highfield and Shantell Martin. It’ll set you back US$250,000.

4. Super Veloce Espresso Royale Coffee Machine

Coffee and cars all in one, South African espresso machine makers Super Veloce have created the perfect machine that combines both. For those late nights, the Royale V12 espresso maker is ideal. This fine creation is built with the same materials as the engines that power Lambourghinis.

With an 18 karat white gold finish, diamonds and a tank cap topped with an amethyst gemstone, it’s the kind of jewellery uber manly men want to flaunt. If you don’t like gaudy the brand has several more understated models. We couldn’t find a price for it but we’re guessing it costs about as much as a small car.

5. Porky Hefer

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South African artist Porky Hefer showcases a wonderfully quirky collection of larger-than-life sculptures of endangered animals. The artworks are interactive, Hefer is known for his oddly shaped seating pods.

Adorable animals can be cuddled with and sat on in an effort to raise awareness for the conservation of wildlife. They were handcrafted by South African with environmentally sustainable materials. We also couldn’t locate a price for any of these creations, but we do know that 25% of the profits go to the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation for wildlife conservation.

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6. Louis Vuitton ‘Objets Nomades’ Collection

There are always strange, sometimes wonderful things that come out of luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Their homeware collection ‘Objets Nomades’ has been making waves since it was introduced and the most recent additions are nothing less than amazing.

Looking more like art than furniture, the pieces look one-of-a-kind and more like a minimalist version of Alice in Wonderland. Some standouts of the collection this year are the Ribbon Dance chair by André Fu and the Anemona Table by Atelier Biagetti. There is also Humberto & Fernando Campana’s Tropicalist Vase in leather-covered metal petal from the Les Petit Nomades Collection that is gorgeous to look at.

7. Temi

The Temi telepresence home robot that is basically a self-sustaining iPad that follows you around your home like a mini personal assistant. If that sounds like something you would like, you will soon have the convenience of Amazon’s lovely A.I., Alexa, synced with it. We’re not sure if this more terrifying or useful, but keep an ear out for disembodied laughing, won’t you? Temi retails for US$1,499.

8. Moncler x Pierpaolo Piccioli Coat Gowns

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As part of its Genius project, Italian skiwear brand, Moncler collaborated with Maison Valentino’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli to create these unique looking coat gowns. We’ve seen plain old coats turned into dresses but have never seen the likes of this collaboration except in science fiction.

Reminiscent of the Daleks from Doctor Who and The Fifth Element, the outfits are more suited to the red carpet than your regular ol’ ski trip to the Alps. Nonetheless, Ezra Miller seems to have pulled off ‘fashionable Death Eater’ look quite well for the Crimes of Grindelwald premiere. Voldemort, eat your heart out. Pick one up for US$2,170.

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9. Sumo Book By Annie Leibovitz

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Something to truly drool over is renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz’s very own SUMO Taschen book. Leibovitz selected works from her vast portfolio (spanning 40 years) and the result is a stunning collection of beautiful portraits and landscapes.

If they’re still out there, you’ll want the Art Edition that includes all four cover sleeves, a framed Keith Haring print signed by Annie Leibovitz and a custom made tripod designed by Mark Newson, all of which go for US$5,000. The Whoopi Goldberg cover is truly something to behold.

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