A Five-Star Dining in the Comfort of Your Own Home

EQ Kuala Lumpur’s most popular dishes are now available for delivery.
Saturday 30 January 2021
Dining in doesn’t get any better than this. Photo: EQ Kuala Lumpur

We might not be able to head out to our favourite dining rooms due to the ongoing MCO, but we can certainly make our at-home-dining experience a five-star affair. EQ Kuala Lumpur is currently offering their best dishes via takeaway and delivery from the hotel’s dining establishments – Nipah, Étoile Bistro and Kampachi. Make it like ordering room service, but without the stuffiness of a hotel room. Here are our recommendations:


Nipah Nasi Goreng Kampung with Chicken Satay

A Five-Star Dining in the comfort of your own home
Nipah Nasi Goreng Kampung with Chicken Satay. Photo: EQ Kuala Lumpur


As one of Nipah’s most popular dishes from its renowned buffet offering, the classic fried rice dish is now available for delivery. The fried rice is made with the highest quality basmati and comes with a very generous serving of prawns and the house’s signature spicy sambal and topped off with juicy pieces of chicken or beef satay.


Kampachi Beef Sukiyaki

A Five-Star Dining in the comfort of your own home
Kampachi Beef Sukiyaki. Photo: EQ Kuala Lumpur


It’s easy to get good sukiyaki in Kuala Lumpur but great sukiyaki is hard to come by. However, Kampachi’s version is in a league of its own. It comes with a generous portion of high-quality sliced beef and all the trimmings needed to make a great hearty bowl of sukiyaki. While the sauce is not overly sweet and offers just the right amount of umami goodness to make you want to go for seconds. Other standout dishes for takeaway from Kampachi are the sushi offerings such as the Unagi Uramaki, Soft Shell Crab Maki and Ebi Ten Maki. For a sweet ending, we highly recommend the abekawamochi,where arguably, Kampachi makes the best version of the ancient sweet, chewy and nutty treat.


Étoile Oven-Roasted Duck Leg

A Five-Star Dining in the comfort of your own home
Étoile Oven-Roasted Duck Leg. Photo: EQ Kuala Lumpur


Another signature dish now available for takeaway is the oven-roasted duck leg from Étoile Bistro. The juicy duck leg comes served with a serving of vegetables and beautifully thin roasted potatoes, we can see why guests of the hotel keep returning to this classic, fuss-free dish. As for freshly baked goods, Étoile is never short of savoury and sweet baked treats for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. The freshly baked sugar brioche loaf makes for an excellent breakfast toast, best served with a generous slather of butter and some fruit jam.


For more information and to order, head to EQ Kuala Lumpur’s website.