Acquired Taste: Smythson Notebooks and Diaries

The one time you can finally justify not bearing to write in a gorgeous new notebook.
Wednesday 28 March 2018
Photo: Smythson

UNRESERVED lists the things we would all love to, got to and have to have. Some you’ll want to flaunt, while others are better kept as your own guilty pleasure.

Smythson Animal Bull Soho Notebook

Who doesn’t love a classic? It’s not new, it’s not trendy, it just reeks of class and taste, and that is an essential. We felt we had to remind you that not everything shiny and new is the ‘in thing’ to have. Smythson is also the British royal family’s favourite stationery. Just think, Meghan probably writes her love notes to Harry on one of these.

This article first appeared in the April 2018 issue of UNRESERVED.