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Southeast Asia

With 640 million people and counting, Southeast Asia is the third largest market in the world. Rolling out US2.55 trillion at current count, it accounts for the fifth largest economy in the world. Over 17 million mass affluent and affluent consumers exist in the six key markets in Southeast Asia and their numbers are growing at double-digit rates each year.

Target Audience

UNRESERVED is aimed at the English speaking and thinking, discerning and sophisticated Southeast Asians. These are the quality conscious, worldly and well-travelled of the region, that thus far have consumed international media more vastly than that of the region. UNRESERVED provides an alternative to these international media sources with content that matters to them from their own backyard.

Sophisticated Proposition

UNRESERVED provides advertisers with an innovative and sophisticated multi-platform environment to promote their brand and products. Advertising opportunities range from print advertising in our monthly magazine, advertising in one of digital channels (web, newsletter and social media) and/or sponsorship of content and events.

If you would like to know how UNRESERVED can help your brand achieve its marketing objectives please email us at [email protected] and we can send you our media kit or meet you in person.