AIRA Residence: How this Artfully Designed Abode Redefines Luxury Living

The exclusive development is a lesson in intuitive refinement. Here, a look at how the sky homes of AIRA Residence have paved the way for a new form of luxury, driven by purpose and innovative design. 
Thursday 9 February 2023
AIRA Residence hides a secret oasis in the heart of prestigious Damansara Heights.

The Art of Luxury Living. A series of articles brought to you by AIRA Residence.


Perched atop a hill in the prestigious neighbourhood of Damansara Heights, you’d be hard-pressed not to miss the brutalist exterior of AIRA Residence. It is reminiscent of the stark Barbican Estate, the fortress-like brainchild of Chamberlain, Powell and Bon, with its concrete exterior and encroaching presence. But unlike the ‘50s icon which had since typefied the post-war architectural movement, the development from Selangor Properties hides a uniquely tranquil respite–an urban oasis, in the heart of bustling Jalan Batai.


A biophilic landscape is cleverly incorporated to induce calm and serenity to AIRA Residence’s brutalist façade.


Surrounded by verdant landscapes, the monolithic abode is a dramatic contrast to its thriving neighbourhood. Existing within its own three-acre pocket of calm, AIRA Residence is minutes away from Batai’s entertainment hub, while The Five at KPD offers groceries and world-class restaurants in reach of walking distance. Stroll past the sky apartment’s porte cochère and you’ll soon find a tropical haven, cleverly accented by native greenery, zen gardens and curious objet d’arts sourced from Malaysia and beyond. With a thoughtful approach, this celebration of East meets West is what makes AIRA Residence a paragon of intuitive luxury, which aims to exalt the mind, body and soul.


Art of Wellness

Indeed, given today’s recalibrated mindset, the notion of luxury itself has been redefined; what was once equated with supercars and frosted jewellery, has now shifted to self-care and personal wellbeing. Case in point: the wellness economy had boomed to a global market value of USD 4.4 trillion, with 65% of people more likely to consider their health in day-to-day decision-making. As they say, health is wealth and in this post-pandemic world, such words have never rung truer. 

AIRA Residence takes this shift a step further. With a keen understanding of wellness, the development not only features a fitness centre and swimming pool, but also a dedicated massage parlour (masseuse not included, for those wondering) and Fragrance Garden. The latter–a nod to Charles Spence’s “sensehacking”–is an interesting addition, which allows residents to indulge in a therapeutic sensorial experience, and is said to be one of the biggest wellness trends this 2023. Elsewhere in the property, wraparound balconies and large open spaces makes for the perfect location to practice “skychology”–especially against the billion-dollar view of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline.


As one of the tallest building in Damansara Heights, AIRA Residence benefits from unobstructed views of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline.


In this constant pursuit of wellness, a thoughtful approach to footprint was certainly imperative. According to Martina Bianch, Head of Styling at Studio Piet Boon, “the goal was to create spaces in balance to create a sense of calm.” And as it turns out, design also plays a significant role in AIRA Residence’s serene disposition.


Art of Living

Did you know art has been proven to boost serotonin levels? The developers at AIRA Residence certainly did, and ensured living spaces could also double up as living exhibitions. The vast units of Tower A put this to great effect; its sweeping corridors and expansive living rooms mimic blank canvases worthy of statement masterpieces, triptychs and even sculptures. 

Given that paintings can induce positive effects on our psyches, the property has been carefully curated to encourage inspiration and harmony at every corner, resulting in a sense of understated luxury throughout the property. “[To achieve this], traditional material with an ancient connection was explored alongside [Malaysia’s] art practices and innovative new Malaysian art,” continued Martina. “[By mirroring] the principles of East and West and Yin and Yang … [we were able to create] the familiarity of heritage and luxury synonymous with AIRA Residence.” 


Even in the smaller units at Tower B is there plenty of wall space to display your favourite pieces.


Art of Connection

Energy is what brings homes to life and since the pandemic many of us have realised the importance of creating memories at home. Consider it the joy of hosting–from birthday parties to movie marathons, the implications of a global lockdown had given way to the return of indoor entertainment. 

With 4,500 sq ft of floor space, high ceilings and separate living and dining rooms, the Type B units in Tower A of AIRA Residence exemplifies this paradigm shift. The luxury of space is certainly what gives these units an upper hand in hosting, regardless of dinner soirées in the extended dining area or sunset aperitivo from the wraparound balcony.

The property’s Tower B units are also nothing short of show-stoppers either: equipped with a state-of-the-art omakase-style kitchen and sunken lounge, these small-but-great skyhomes are a match made in heaven for intimate and casual settings. 

The sunken lounge in the living room of Tower B units is a great space for intimate evenings with friends


Interestingly, AIRA Residence is a great study of balance between privacy and community. Despite its colossal terrain, there is a sense of togetherness which is evident in all its common amenities. From a sports lounge complete with a pool table and karaoke machine to the Coterie, a multipurpose hall, and multiple barbecue pits peppered throughout the development, residents are free to create their own personal sanctuaries anytime, anywhere.


The Sports Lounge at AIRA Residence balances privacy and community with ease by providing separate spaces for hosting multiple groups at any given time.


It’s worth noting that over the past few years, it is the simplest pleasures that have truly redefined the way we perceive luxury. As some would say, celebration and laughter are two of the richest gifts in life. So if you’re looking to live luxuriously, look no further than AIRA Residence, where wellness, connection and design is perfected to a fine art.


AIRA Residence is Selangor Properties’ exemplar of ultra luxury living. This low density fully completed development is situated at 8, Jalan Batai on a hilltop in the middle of Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur’s premier neighbourhood. ​​Designed by an international award-winning team, AIRA Residence combines style, luxury with comfort and privacy and offers spectacular views of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre skyline. Find out more about AIRA Residence and the remaining units for sale here.