Airbnb is Ready to Take You on an Adventure and Here's How

Airbnb launches adventure travel experiences for intrepid globetrotters.
Thursday 20 June 2019
This is the Airbnb feature avid adventurers have been waiting for. Photo: Pixabay

Airbnb has launched adventure travel experiences, Airbnb Adventures, which include everything from treks in the Amazon jungle to camping on a cliff in Colorado and hunting for UFOs in Arizona. Airbnb Adventures, an expansion of Airbnb Experiences, features “off-the-beaten path” bucket list trips for intrepid thrill-seekers looking to expand their horizons and the boundaries of their comfort zones. While Airbnb Experiences tend to take place over a morning, afternoon or evening, Airbnb Adventures are multi-day.

“Having launched Experiences 2.5 years ago we have a deep understanding of consumer trends and recognise that more than ever, people are motivated by cultural immersion when travelling. Millions of Experiences have been booked around the world; and people are more familiar with what hosts are offering, trust that they will have a good experience and are therefore more willing to commit more of their trip,” Head of Airbnb Experiences Joe Zadeh told UNRESERVED. “At the moment, adventure travel is unattainable to many. We believe everyone deserves to have a transformative Adventure so Airbnb Adventure hosts cater to a range of budgets from US$79 for an overnight trip up to US$5000 for once-in-a-lifetime 10-day treks.”

Airbnb_Around the world in 80 days Image 02 - airbnb
Photo: Airbnb

Airbnb Adventures covers a wide breadth of activity that is suitable for everyone, no matter if you are travelling solo, with a group of friends, or as a family. These Adventures range from active to foodie, farming to camping, music to animals – but always with a strong element of local community.

“By launching Airbnb Adventures, we are redefining the adventure travel space so that hosts can offer the kind of cultural immersions that people want but have not been able to afford. Airbnb Adventures are either entirely exclusive to our platform, or run by small, local companies that are otherwise hard to find. They are also hosted by experienced individuals that have fascinating stories and can offer authentic adventures that are more affordable than most,” Head of Airbnb Experiences Joe Zadeh told UNRESERVED.

Airbnb_Camp on a cliff in Colorado Image 01 - airbnb
Photo: Airbnb

To mark the launch of the new expansion, Airbnb has launched an around-the-world trip inspired by the Jules Verne’s book Around the World in 80 Days. The trip takes guests across six continents, 18 countries, two oceans and eight modes of transportation, including a hot air balloon.

The voyage can be booked as of 20 June, departing 1 September from London. Other adventure trips on offer for the launch phase include camping off the side of a cliff in Colorado, a mystical Oman trek and a culinary kayaking trip around Swedish islands.

“Travellers are seeking new, local and authentic experiences, and they are turning to Airbnb for travel that is powered by people and helping them belong anywhere. In Asia and all throughout the world, there is a growing interest and excitement around trips that enable them to fully immerse themselves in the local culture,” Zadeh explained.

“Our Adventures cater to a variety of traveller demographics in Asia – ranging from experiencing life in a village to exhilarating treks and off-the-beaten-path jungle retreats. Here in Asia, Airbnb currently has around 70 in Asia Pacific listed on its platform and the inventory is continuously growing,” he added.

Airbnb_Around the world in 80 days Image 01 - airbnb
Photo: Airbnb

Around the world, it has some incredible Adventures that allow you to conduct shark research in South Africa, explore indigenous coffee in Mexico, enjoy a sailing retreat to Napa County in California, or even join a slow food safari in the Galapagos Islands. In Asia Pacific, however, some unique and notable Adventures include a four-day motorbike adventure along Vietnam’s Ha Giang Loop, volcano trekking in Bali, and a trek to Tilicho Lake in the Himalayas.

“By the end of the year, we are looking to double the number of Adventures available, however maintaining quality always remains our number priority,” Zadeh said.

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Photo: Airbnb

Joe Zadeh (or ‘Joebot’ as he’s known around the office) is the Vice President of Experiences at Airbnb. Based in the San Francisco office, Joebot leads a team in charge of offering travellers unique, one-of-a-kind activities led by extraordinary locals. He has one of the longest tenures at Airbnb, joining the company as its ninth employee and the third software engineer. Before this, Joebot was a research scientist and holds a PhD in Bioengineering from Caltech and a B.S. in Computer Science from Northwestern University. He loves music and regularly posts his own electronic remixes on SoundCloud.

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