All Eyes on FENDI and Gentle Monster’s Capsule Collection

FENDI and Gentle Monster announce the launch of GENTLE FENDI, a one-of-a-kind collection of sunglasses.
Tuesday 30 April 2019
FENDI is getting its Gentle Monster swag on. Photo: FENDI

The GENTLE FENDI Capsule Collection, designed by the Roman Maison in collaboration with the Korean sunglasses and optical glasses brand and manufactured and distributed by SAFILO, is comprised of two unisex styles. The styles embody a perfect balance between innovative design and exquisite craftsmanship, combining FENDI’s DNA with Gentle Monster unpredictable aesthetic.

GENTLE FENDI NO.1 are hyper-fashion metal and acetate sunglasses, surfing the current trend of small shapes and bold logos. GENTLE FENDI NO.2 are metal sunglasses that combine a strong fashion attitude with an easy-to-wear look.

Gentle Fendi (3) - Gentle Fendi
Photo: FENDI

The GENTLE FENDI Capsule Collection will be presented with an innovative and disruptive video art-directed by collective Russian artists AES+F, renowned for combining multiple forms of tools, including sculptures, photography, architecture and media technology. The video portrays a grandiose and lavish aesthetic, combining fashion with art whilst merging and opposing futurism with an ancient feeling.

Under the form of magical creatures, models wearing the GENTLE FENDI sunglasses are projected in a surreal atmosphere where they meet and interact with strange alien-like geometrical structures, surrounded by classical architecture and minimal elements. The GENTLE FENDI Capsule Collection will be available starting from early May 2019 in FENDI and Gentle Monster boutiques along with selected optic stores worldwide.

Gentle Fendi (4) - Gentle Fendi
Photo: FENDI

Custom rotating installations will take centre stage at selected FENDI and Gentle Monster boutiques worldwide, among which FENDI Roma Palazzo, New York Madison and Gentle Monster London and Dubai. Infusing the boutiques with an industrial and futuristic aesthetic, the installations will feature a 360° rotating structure with life-like mannequins wearing GENTLE FENDI sunglasses.

The launch of the GENTLE FENDI will also be celebrated with two special events taking place in Gentle Monster stores in Seoul and Beijing respectively on 7 May and on 14 May. The events will include special animations and set-up, hosting a cool crowd of guests, celebrities, influencers and DJs from all over the world.

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