All The Live Musical Performances You Have to Tune In To This Month

The Damansara Performing Arts Centre has gathered together some expert musicians to liven up your September.
Friday 11 September 2020
Lim Wei Siong is master of many instruments but especially of the erhu and pipa. Photo: DPAC

With the RMCO being extended till December, many of us will still be stuck at home and burning through Netflix shows like there is no tomorrow. Spice things up a bit and get some entertainment outside of the streaming service. 

The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra have been churning out delightful tunes for everyone to listen to on their Instagram and even released a video for Merdeka. Classical music fans should take a gander at the hardworking musicians that continue to keep everyone at home entertained. 



If you have the option to go out, there are still shows happening. Here’s something interesting to look out for if the performing arts piques your interest.



The Damansara Performing Arts Centre has brought musicians together for Spectrum: An Evening of Instrumental Artistry. Although it’s more like several evenings this September filled with sounds to intrigue and entertain. While there are live performances at the DPAC, there will also be live-broadcasts and live-streaming available from the centre. 


Colour of Voices 


Colour of Voices is a multicultural, multiracial acapella group that aims to bring us all together. Photo: DPAC


An acapella group of diverse Malaysian voices from various cultural backgrounds aims to bring you the spirit of the country through their music. The members all speak different languages but use that as a binding factor rather than separation. Coming together in a concert especially for Malaysia day and Spectrum, the group aims to spin familiar music for most Malaysians in their own unique way. 

In their own words, “We are not only learning a new language but also embracing the beauty of its culture and tradition. Hence, it makes us proud to have been brought up in Malaysia, the land with multiple races and cultural diversity.” If you want to really get your patriotism on and embrace the one Malaysia sentiment then this might be the concert for you. 




Take a journey with Lim Wei Siong and his erhu. Photo: DPAC


Not all classical music comes from Western orchestra, embrace the East and envelope oneself in the titillating sound of the erhu and pipa. Lim Wei Siong intends to take the audience on a journey of enlightenment through the trials and tribulations of learning the ancient instruments that seem to mirror life in the broader respect. He is accompanied by his best friend Yuan Leow Yunn who is the Music Director for the night. 

The erhu, for those who have not heard the name used before, is similar to a violin except it only has two strings, hence the er (meaning two) in its name. Played with a bow, the sound that this instrument makes is haunting and yet gentle as well as most string instruments are. The pipa, on the other hand, is more akin to a guitar, yet the sound is more like a banjo, higher, with more of a twang. 


Les fleurs . Les femmes

Evelyn Toh is a soprano, and mother, both wonderful jobs to celebrate. Photo: DPAC


This concert is an exploration of womanhood, the first jazz/aria collaboration between Evelyn Toh and Malaysian jazz pianist Tay Cher Siang. Evelyn is a soprano who has had an extensive career gracing audiences with her melodious voice, but now she finds herself with another job, that of a mother. 

With this new perspective, she has decided to express her feelings on the ever-changing ways of life and womanhood in this tribute to feminity. All facets will be explored through an array of musical tunes. From a mother’s gentle affection towards her child to the fiery passion of a woman’s anger. 

To purchase tickets for the stage shows, head over to DPAC and for the live-streams head here.


As a reminder for Spectrum: 

  1. For Live Broadcast/Live Stream tickets, each e-mail address will only generate one link. (i.e. The same e-mail address cannot be used to purchase multiple tickets.)
  2. Please note that children below the age of 13 and adults above the age of 60 are not encouraged to attend the performance as this is for the health and safety of all.