An Odyssey with Hennessy X.O

Calling all cognac connoisseurs, you wouldn’t want to miss this.
Friday 30 August 2019
Immerse yourself in the world of Hennessy X.O.

Immerse yourself in the world of Hennessy with the Seven Worlds of Hennessy X.O exhibition in Pavilion this September. The experiential exhibition features seven rooms, each complementing and amplifying the sensations of different tasting notes of the iconic cognac that plays on the idea of “each drop of Hennessy X.O is an odyssey.”

Lending his artistic vision to the exhibition, is none other than Ridley Scott, the iconic director of films such as Blade Runner, Alien and classics such as Thelma and Louise has directed an epic short film based on the unique tasting notes of the Hennessy X.O.

hennessy 1 - Hennessy X.O
Ridley Scott goes behind the lens to capture Hennessy X.O’s unique tasting notes.

If you’re familiar with the British filmmaker’s work, you’ll know that this is an experience that will launch you into another world, reminiscent of the dystopian worlds envisioned in Scott’s films.

hennessy 4 - Hennessy X.O
A behind-the-scenes shot from the short film.

Now you can embark on your own sensorial journey through the Seven Worlds of Hennessy exhibition which lets you immerse yourself in the world of Hennessy X.O imagined by Ridley Scott where you can enter seven different rooms, each representing a tasting note from the cognac such as sweet notes, rising heat, spicy edge, flowing flame, chocolate lull, wood crunches and infinite echo that will open up your senses and mind to a whole new world of note tasting.

hennessy 3 - Hennessy X.O
The Hennessy X.O in one of its many tasting elements.

This one-of-a-kind experience offers connoisseurs the opportunity to fully experience and appreciate the unique notes and flavour profiles of the Hennessy X.O in a fun and interactive way.

hennessy 5 - Hennessy X.O
Ridley Scott is known for his vision of dystopian worlds.

Connoisseurs can register online through and stand a chance to be invited to an exclusive tasting session for one glass of Hennessy X.O and Hennessy V.S.O.P Sour cocktail.

The experiential exhibition is open to the public from 4pm on 6 September and from 10am to 10pm from the 7 to the 15 September 2019.