Friday 1 February 2019
Apple Airpods 2 are predicted to hit the market in mid 2019. Photo: AFP

At this rate of every timepiece, technology and GPS tracking brand releasing fitness trackers, we wouldn’t quite need so many visits to the doctor. And next on the bandwagon is Apple jumping on (rather late, we think) with their touted release of AirPods 2 in mid 2019.

Since late 2016 when Apple released the first generation of wireless earbuds, the AirPods have continued to accrue a myriad of positive reviews and loyal users. After over two years on the market without an updated model, it’s about time and — right on schedule — Apple is expected to be releasing their upgraded Airpods with health tracking features.

We’d been expecting for sometime, thanks to various rumors and leaks, that the next version of the wireless headphones would likely be equipped with biometric-tracking features. This appeared to be confirmed in November, when the headset was noted under a new class categorization called “General wellness instruments.” That means that your next set of earbuds could track your heart rate and exercise activity by this June.

Apple Ipods-AFP - airpods,Apple
Track your fitness minus a fitness tracker. Photo: AFPRelaxNews

Because of the popularity of the devices over the past couple years and the increased demand of truly wireless technology, the AirPods 2 will “receive enthusiastic market responses.”

If sources are reliable, we can expect Apple’s AirPods 2 to hit the market sometime in the next couple months. Considering that the first generation has a price tag of US$159, the cost will likely increase to account for all the new features.

Source: AFPRelaxNews

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