Wednesday 26 December 2018
Advancements in technology mean the use of AI in customer service is always becoming more sophisticated. Photo: iStock

If you’ve used navigation apps, ride hailing services or gone on trains then you are already using artificial intelligence (AI). Apart from big names like Apple, Google and Microsoft, here are other brands using AI.

EVA, a chatbot-based mobile banking app, allows account holders to transfer money, pay their bills and top up their mobile prepaid accounts.

Sara is a chatbot that answers queries from the company’s 14,000-strong agency force.

In Taiwan, the company behind BRAND’S Essence of Chicken has Dr Bai, a chatbot that helps shoppers to choose the right products for their ailments.

U Mobile
U Bot answers customers’ queries on some of the telco’s instalment plans and recommends the best phone based on a customer’s budget.

The music streaming service uses AI and deep learning to offer recommendations for similar music based on users’ previous experience.

Netflix uses algorithms to create and even personalise artwork for their TV shows and movies – recommending you the next show that you should binge-watch.

It’s a question of what’s the next frontier for early adopters like Uber. The enhancement of virtual reality will allow riders to see where their car will pull up and view the vehicle’s make and model. Uber is also heavily investing in self-driving cars.

The courier service is exploring the use of deep learning-based computer vision algorithms for fraud detection and optimising the loading of planes and trucks.

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