Bangkok’s Highly Esteemed Restaurant Bo.lan Reinvents Itself

The fine dining establishment closes its door to open three new ones.
Saturday 27 June 2020
Bo.Ian is no more but its new concept stores are set to open in July.

Bo.Ian’s husband and wife team, Duangporn ‘Bo’ Songvisava and Dylan ‘Lan’ Jones, has redefined Bangkok’s culinary scene for over a decade under their Thai fine-dining institution. The restaurant’s stellar reputation even led their culinary exploits to be featured in Netflix’s acclaimed series, The Chef’s Table in its fifth season in 2018. 

Sadly, the Bo.lan that fine dining aficionados have grown to know and love will be closing its chapter. It is however reinventing itself  to make room for three new concepts curated by the same team. According to BK, Bo.lan’s gorgeous grounds on Sukhumvit Soi 53 will be home to Bolan Grocer, Err and an exclusive chef’s table from July onwards. “This is not a reopening. We are opening a brand new place with the same uncertainty as when we opened Bo.lan 11 years ago,” said co-owner and chef, Jones. 

The closing of Bo.Ian leads to the opening of three new chapters. Photo: Bo.Ian


The famed fine dining restaurant has received various accolades including a Michelin Star rating, the 19th spot on Asia’s 50 Best list and Songvisava was voted Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2013. These recognitions are no doubt achievements to be proud of but the couple isn’t that concerned with losing some of the titles to make changes to their brand.


“These accolades haven’t meant much to us for a long time. It’s great to get recognised but I don’t think Michelin is structured in a way that supports our industry. It has turned into a corporate entity,” said Jones. Their focus now is ensuring Thailand’s F&B industry’s ability to survive solely on domestic travel and that can be done through forming supportive local communities. Culinary magnificence aside, the couple has also gained a reputation for their commitment to keeping it local, with a focus on ancient Thai recipes and without compromising flavours. 

Songvisava was voted Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2013. Photo: Bo.Ian

The future for the brand now includes relocating their casual restaurant, Err from Chinatown to Bo.lan’s premises, and the opening of Bo.lan Grocer, where one can get their hands on produce and dry goods from local farmers dry goods. There will be fresh curry pastes and organic coconut cream pressed to order, not forgetting their own brands of fish sauce, palm sugar and salt. To keep true to their mission of creating a communal environment, patrons will be able to get conversational with others on various topics in what they call Wasteland, a “community sipping space”.  


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Over the last several weeks Bo.lan & Err have been dealing with the ever changing Covid-19 situation. Although we have full confidence in our teams ability to perform at the highest level we have come to decision that we will cease trading at the restaurants. This decision has been very difficult to make, despite the downturn we still have patrons and bookings each day. However we do have staff who rely us each month in order to survive. We also support a network of 60+ small scale producers that require our continued support. We strongly believe it is everyone’s social responsibility to flatten the curb. Social distancing is shite, it’s a necessary step that needs to be taken by society, for society. This isn’t a time to be selfish,.. ..Our last service for the foreseeable future will be on Sunday the 22nd of March. We are committed to ensuring all our staff & producers are affected by this action as little as possible…Bo.lan will offer several alternatives starting today. We have designed a special menu that will change periodically according to what our producers can provide…..At Err we’ve also got you covered with our Err…mergency Rations!! A selection of 5 meals designed to sate every appetite and budget….Furthermore, in an effort to support our community of producers, we are developing a value added CSA box. It will be available weekly & contain a selection of organic vegetables, ethical proteins, & some ready to use items. Another box will contain Bo.lan Grocer essentials for your larder. Each venue will have a limited but carefully selected menu of fermented* items for you also. All for delivery or pick up…For detailed information please contact us directly via any of the normal channels.The environment shouldn’t suffer more because of this situation so our food will be served in reusable pinto’s….Please spare a thought for the hard working individuals that make up the hospitality industry and show all your neighborhood eateries some love, *obviously we aren’t advertising the sale of alcohol as that would be illegal & we thoroughly respect the current government and their archaic laws! Also they have been such help during this crisis!!

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Craving that signature Bo.lan experience? Not to worry, tables are still available for booking for a twice-a-week seating via the exclusive chef’s table. But you know you’ll want to hurry as there’s limited space.