Behind the Scenes of Our June Style Shoot Featuring Liv Lo

Get a glimpse of the outtakes from our activewear-inspired style shoot co-starring Alex Yoong, Syed Harris Umar, Dave Nuku and Datin Sabrena Khalid. 
Tuesday 26 June 2018

Starring: Datin Sabrena Khalid, Syed Harris Umar, Liv Lo, Alex Yoong and Dave Nuku

Photography: Kim Mun/Hopscotch PhotographyStyling: Ian Loh
Hair: Derren Fong and Ray Lim using L’Oreal Professional Salon and Shawn Cutler products
Makeup: Emmy Agung using NARS Cosmetics

Shot on location at Panasonic Sports Complex and Dragon Muay Thai Club.

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