It is Time for a Dirty Weekend Again

Take out your bike and find some mud
Tuesday 24 May 2022

Before the pandemic hit us, there was never a month without road trips out of town, onto the open road or into the dirt. Sometimes even out of country. Be it a ride to Singapore were the roads are supersmooth or an adventure trip up north to our Indochinese neighbours. For two years we were stuck at home while our brakes collected dust. Now that life is returning to normal, it is time to take out your gear and find some excitement.

Something we learnt during these trying two years is to be always prepared for anything. I am sure you are glad that you chose a bike that can practically get you anywhere and everywhere without issues. If the roads are smooth, pull on the throttle, and if they are pothole ridden or muddy, navigate through them, because that’s what bikes like the Honda Africa Twin, X-ADV and CBF 250 RALLY are made for.

These bikes are as happy off-road as they are attacking that apex at the next corner.


Off Road or Off the Road

As the saying goes, prevention is better than curing. So how do you take preventive measures? You could start by making sure your bike is looked after by professionally certified technicians, who should able to resolve any issues you might have (and hopefully before it happens). And that you use 100% original parts.

That’s where Honda Big Wing comes in. With its outlets in Penang, JB, KL and PJ, it won’t be difficult to make your way there and get your bike regularly serviced. The technicians are well equipped with Individual Skill Training that encompasses Maintenance, Repair and Diagnosis Training.

Being a dual purpose bike owner means you always need to have your ride set-up in perfect condition especially if you were off-roading the weekend before. A typical ‘dirty weekend’ would mean a wash after you get back to civilisation and not forgetting to check your drivetrain, especially exposed parts like the chain. You don’t want it to get jammed or worse still, snapping on your next road trip.

Don’t worry about being stuck in a dingy workshop under a tree somewhere as all Big Wing centres are complete with air-conditioned waiting areas, beverage counters and wi-fi. You might even be tempted to pick-out limited edition Honda merchandise that you could use on your next ride. There is also a strong chance you fall in love with your next bike at the Big Bike display zone.


Honda Big Wing

Now that your bike is all prepped for your next trip, stay updated on Honda’s latest happenings and make sure you do not miss out on the next convoy ride and Honda’s Customer Day via the Honda Big Wing website. Or visit the nearest Honda Big Wing centre in Setapak, Petaling Jaya, Georgetown or Johor Bahru to check out your next Honda.