How to Look Fresh in Lockdown! 8 New Releases for Your Bathroom Collection

8 new releases that will turn into instant and timeless essentials
Saturday 4 September 2021

Trends may come and go, but a fresh look has always been, and is here to stay. Here, we round up the latest releases that will help to achieve the aesthetic flawlessly. 


1. Luna 3 Men

No self-care routine is complete without a cleansing step, and Luna 3 Men is here to bring this part of your regimen to a whole new level. With a greater surface covered compared to its predecessor, this tool is equipped to ensure a deeper cleanse while still being gentle on your skin. 

It’s definitely an investment, but Foreo tools have been known to stand the test of time, with meaningful updates released in a timely manner. This one in particular allows you to customise its intensity settings for the different planes of your face. Pulsing at 8,000 times per minute, the Luna 3 Men simultaneously massages the face while giving it a thorough cleansing. 

Though the Luna 3 line is made for anyone, the Luna 3 Men specifically addresses beard-related needs. The synthetic bristles can handle the rigours of cleaning coarse facial hair. Use this pre-shaving to soften the skin and the hair for a smoother shaving experience. For post-shave care, the Luna 3 Men will also save you from the pains of ingrown hair. 


2. Galinee Face Vinegar Toner

Through a combination of prebiotics and postbiotic acids, this Clean at Sephora formulation aims to keep the skin balanced and restore its natural microbiome. The second active ingredient for the Galinee Face Vinegar Toner is the Hibiscus-infused apple cider vinegar, which purifies the skin with its astringent properties, and provides a gentle exfoliating action. 

If you’ve always wanted to explore the realm of acids, and are not sensitive to its light vinegary scent, this is a great item to incorporate into your routine. Those with concerns such as blemishes, dullness and uneven skin texture are among those that will benefit from the toner. 


3. La Prairie Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil

The night is a crucial recovery time for the skin. To reap the best of the caviar-derived retinol, La Prairie has created its latest concoction, the Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil. Coupling the Caviar Retinol—an ingredient unique to the brand—with caviar lipids, it promises to counteract aging by smoothing the skin surface while also improving the skin’s natural barrier.

La Prairie takes it a step further by bottling the Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil up for success. The precious and delicate formulation is protected from oxidation through the use of an opaque black inner vessel. 


4. Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Hydrating Moisturiser

Due for a moisturiser upgrade? Then we suggest you check out PTR’s latest Water Drench Moisturiser. It is said to deliver 72 hours of continuous hydration through this combo: 30% hyaluronic acid complex and ceramides. 

It’s looking to be great for all skin types. Those with dry and dehydrated skin will get all the hydration they need from the combo, and people with oily skin will be able to savour the same benefits without clogging up the skin, thanks to the whipped cream texture. 


5. Supergoop! Glowscreen Body Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++

Our faces aren’t the only part of the skin that needs sun protection—the rest of our body does too!

While lathering on sunscreen may feel like a chore for some, Supergoop! is on the path to make application (and reapplication) that much more fun. Using the Glowscreen Body Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++ adds a healthy gleam to the body, so we can all bid farewell to the unsightly sallowness and blue-ish tint that some formulations can leave us with. 

While the light-reflecting minerals amplify the glow factor, coconut alkanes and white stargrass protect and lock in hydration for the skin. That way, the skin gets what it needs, and you get to step into the sunlight fresh, protected and radiant. 


6. Nudestix Brow Boost + Set Gel XL

The brows are such a central feature of the face. They accentuate the eyes and define the shape of the face, so it can really make or break a look. The Brow Boost + Set Gel XL is a clear brow gel that’s specially formulated to fluff, thicken and groom the brows with a medium, all-day hold. 

The product was originally offered in the Eyebrow Stylus, a combination of an eyebrow pencil and gel. However, the internet has spoken, and the gel is now made available in a jumbo size for its fans. It doesn’t just set the brows in place. The 5% peptide complex nourishes the follicles to foster hair growth, and panthenol conditions.


7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Blush

The dawn of cream products has officially arrived. Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Blush is a cream blush formula that blends seamlessly into the skin, without lifting the complexion work underneath (which was a huge drawback for many a cream product). 


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For starters, the ultra-lightweight blush comes in five neutral and flattering shades to fit a variety of skin tones. However, shade expansions are definitely on the table, according to Norvina—so be on the lookout for that too. 


8. Le Labo City Exclusives Cedrat 37

Complete the fresh vibes with Le Labo’s latest addition to its City Exclusives, Berlin’s Cedrat 37. For the month of September, this zesty fragrance—along with others in the collection—will be made available for all Le Labo boutiques to bottle. 

The scent starts with the tartness of citron, and later blossoms into the heart note: ginger. The base notes, ambergris and musk, anchor it, resulting in a fresh yet mature perfume.