Flying British Airways? You’ll Never Be Bored During Takeoff Again

The British carrier is stepping up its safety video game with its newest star studded instructional video.
Friday 13 July 2018
Video: British Airways

No one wants to watch the same old same old, especially when it’s an inflight safety video.

We shouldn’t be pooh-pooh-ing the information in those vids, but one can only hear ‘This is how you buckle your seatbelt’ so many times before it all starts sounding the same. If it’s any indicator, they even have to tell you to pay attention before the video starts.

The newest addition to the safety video cache is British Airways’ collaboration with Comic Relief. Have a look – you might spot some famous faces.

It’s a sequel to their 2017 inflight safety video which also featured a star-studded cast and the first time we meet bumbling director Chabuddy G (played by British comedian Asim Chaudhry).

It seems that using very confused celebs (we’re looking at you, Michael Caine) to deliver safety information can really get people to pay attention. Also, it may come as no surprise that Joanna Lumley throws some impressive shade.

British Airways aren’t the first carriers to get creative with their inflight safety videos.

Virgin Atlantic opted for comedy and dance in their 2013 video, enlisting the likes of John Chu, director of Crazy Rich Asians and the singing talents of YouTube star Toddrick Hall. Eye candy? Check. Catchy music? Double check.

Capitalising on its Lord of the Rings fame (and fantastically gorgeous landscapes), Air New Zealand has come up with at least three Middle Earth related videos. The most memorable out of the three has to be their 2014 The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made, featuring Peter Jackson and a smattering of Lord of the Rings stars. Keep an eye out and you might even spot Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi.

Turkish Airlines on the other hand employed the masterful ‘king’ of digital illusions Zach King to keep audiences rapt with his plentiful bag of tricks.

Taking things in a different direction, Thai Airways went whimsical with their 2018 video. We’re getting serious Alice in Wonderland vibes. Watch out for that cupid.

Wherever it is you’re headed, safe travels and bon voyage!

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