7 DAYS: Brunei's Stoning Punishment, Brexit Deadlock, SEA Restaurants Make Top 50 List

Our video series 7 Days gives you a quick recap of all the stories you need to know.
Friday 29 March 2019

Catch up with the last 7 days of culture, life and current affairs with UNRESERVED. Here are the week’s stories in bite-sized segments that will keep you up to date and in the know.

Here is UNRESERVED’s news highlights from the last #7days.


23/3/19 – 30/3/19 Recap

1.Thailand’s election confusion

2.Brunei to punish gay sex and adultery with death by stoning

3.Brexit deadlock: Theresa May offers to resign if and when Brexit is done

4.Two Southeast Asian restaurants make the top 3 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards

5.Apple enters the world of streaming

17/3/19 – 22/3/19 Recap

1. Natural disasters strike in Indonesia again

2. New Zealand PM bans all assault rifles

3. Tokyo 2020: Chairman of Japanese Olympic Committee to quit

4. Pasir Gudang toxic waste disaster

5. Boeing 737 MAX to get software update


9/3/19 – 16/3/19 Recap

1. Boeing 737 MAX 8 crisis mounts.

2. Kim Jong Nam murder suspect released .

3. K-pop stars embroiled in scandal.

4. MPs support Brexit delay but reject second referendum.

5. License to EV: James Bond to drive electric Aston Martin.

6. Champions League: A huge blow to Real Madrid ahead of the Finals.


2/3/19 – 9/3/19 Recap

1. To be continued: The search for MH370.

2. Huawei fights back by suing the US government.

3. Malaysia’s Tourism  Minister denies existence of gay people in the country.

4.  Nissan scandal: Carlos Ghosn walks free.

5. Petronas taps into the e-mobility market.