Acquired Taste: The Biggest TV You Can Buy

You nearly won’t believe how much it will cost you to have this C Seed television in your home.
Friday 11 May 2018
Photo: C Seed

C Seed Blade 262 4K widescreen television

It’s all about size, isn’t it? You probably thought a 65-inch television was huge but you won’t know what’s truly big until you’ve had it. Behold the C Seed. This is an immense 262-inch TV that you would want mounted on your mansion wall, impressing everyone seated before its ‘gargantuaness’.

The C Seed Blade 262 costs €490,000 (approx. US$583,700), but if you need help with installation, that’s an extra €38,500.

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This article first appeared in the Acquired Taste section in the May 2018 issue of UNRESERVED.