Christian Ziege Had a 'Bad Feeling' About Germany's Chances at the World Cup

We picked the brain of the former German national and Bayern Munich player. 
Sunday 24 June 2018

If this face looks familiar to you, it may be because of several reasons: 1) you were a football fan back in the day, 2) you were in Thailand and happened to see him around (that’s where his last coaching gig was) or 3) you’ve been seeing him on Astro providing commentary on the World Cup.

If the name Christian Ziege came to mind, you’re bang on the money.

For the uninitiated, Christian Ziege was a formidable defender in his time – he’s played 185 matches with Bayern Munich and has represented Germany 72 times. He’s scored 85 goals in his illustrious career – quite a feat given his position as an attacking defender.

Given his history, he’s more than well placed to provide some insight on the World Cup. We got the chance to ask him what his thoughts are on the tournament so far and what he think the outcomes will be.

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