Five Christmas Movies for Scrooges

Not feeling the Christmas spirit this year? Here are the best alternative Christmas films for you.
Thursday 17 December 2020
Five of the best Christmas movies for scrooges. Photo credit: Die Hard (1988)/20th Century Studios

Celebrating Christmas in 2020 might feel a bit off for many of us. So, we’ve rounded up five Christmas-sy movies that don’t scream it’s the most wonderful time of the year. 



This 1988 film has always been somewhat of a controversial Christmas film choice thanks to its off-beat protagonist, Frank Cross (played by Bill Murray) who plays a modern-day scrooge as a TV network president. The film is a modern-day adaptation of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol and will make any scrooge easily relate to Murray’s black humour. 



Bad Santa 

Billy Bob Thornton in a Santa suit is enough to evidence to spell out how much this dark comedy film will make for a good alternative to the usual sappy Christmas tales. Thornton plays a conman who dresses up as Santa as he and his elf partner plot to rob a shopping mall. 



Die Hard 

Another controversial Christmas film choice is John McTiernan’s 1988 (now iconic classic) thriller Die Hard. Detective John McClane hopes to spend Christmas with his family in LA until he finds out his wife has been taken as a hostage. 




This 1984 comedy-horror tells the tale of when Christmas presents go wrong. A young man receives a mogwai as a pet that later wreaks havoc to the entire town. 



The Nightmare Before Christmas 

This Tim Burton stop-motion animation is so creepy, you probably won’t even notice the Christmas themes.