Colour Therapy: Elevate Your Home into a Wellness Pad with Cosentino

It’s sustainability at its best, without compromising on style!
Sunday 22 August 2021
Bathroom designed with Silestone® Sunlit Days Series - Posidonia Green

Healthy home, healthy you. The idea here is to create good energy. Adorn your house with a stylish edit of colours that helps to lift your mood and make your home feel a little less stale during the pandemic.

Enter Cosentino Silestone Series, inspired by nature that comes in beautiful shades, which embody effortless glamour and help to support your wellbeing goals.

Colour Therapy: Elevate Your Home into a Wellness Pad with Cosentino

For a little escapism from the day-to-day grind, here are Cosentino’s four effective ways to create the ultimate sanctuary—even if you’re in a rented space.

Prime your kitchen to inspire healthy eating

Visual triggers play an integral role in a kitchen. An excellent kitchen design is great to inspire new meals and serves as a constant reminder to eat well and live a healthy life. Keep your pantry stocked with fresh produce and fill your kitchen countertop with matching fresh flowers or plants and bright fruits to inspire you to eat well.

Silestone Kitchen 2 - Faro White

These little things help make your kitchen a place that you want to spend more time in. A shade of Cincel Grey or Faro White from the Cosentino Silestone Sunlit Days series with warm lighting, a beautiful bowl of lemons, and a bouquet of blue baby breath is sure an aesthetic great for inspiring new meals or even adventuring into fresh ingredients.

Transform your bathroom into a space for healing

Et. Noir - Bathroom

The bathroom has the greatest potential to deliver us that most sensory of experiences, being an enclosed space where you spend time alone either at the end of a day or at the start of a long one. So give your bathroom a mini-makeover with the soothing shade of Et Noir from the Cosentino Silestone Eternal series, inspired by the asymmetric and elegance of the natural stone. All that’s left to do is run a bath, light a candle and soak away the tiredness.

 Create an empowering space just for you

You don’t need a home gym to make room for wellness in your home. All you need is a private space with enough space for simple fitness routines, yoga, or meditation. Find a place in your home and make just yours to account for your physical and mental health. Even a decluttered corner of a room is all you need to create a wellness space.

Mark Davis Design - Silestone Niebla - Cocina nórdica 4

Choose a spot with plenty of natural light or find an area with a little view of nature. Ensure that there’s enough room for you to easily move and stretch in any direction. Lastly, install these calming colours like Niebla from the Cosentino Silestone Basiq series, which has a soft grey characteristic of the clouds that cross the hills in the morning of a rainy afternoon on your walls.

Widen your green lifestyle decisions that promote sustainable living

A sustainable and healthy living focuses on your wider lifestyle choices around your physical and mental wellbeing, including greener lifestyle decisions. Choosing sustainably made products for your home transformation, especially those inspired by nature features, can positively impact your wellbeing. Active and passive contact with nature provides psychological, emotional and social benefits. Manufactured with the sustainable HybriQ+ technology, Cosentino Silestone Sunlit Days is the first carbon-neutral collection in the quartz surfaces and engineered stone industry designed to decrease harmful gas emissions. It comes in beautiful shades inspired by the Mediterranean and its connection with nature.

Silestone Sunlit Days Posidonia Green_bathroom

The Sunlit Days is a journey through light and colour, with a fresh style and Mediterranean tones, inspired by human values and simple and profound ways of living. Deck your home with any of these nature-inspired, sustainably made surfaces to support your wellbeing goals.

Now, all that is left to do is open the windows, turn up your favourite tunes, and enjoy every single second of a place that you call (and feel like) home.