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Behind The Seams

How to master the ancient art of tenun weaving?

2 months ago

Royal Blush: How Much of a Battering can the Windsor Juggernaut Take?

As Queen Elizabeth II marks her Platinum Jubilee, we look at events in the recent years that might have sunk…

2 months ago

Through the Threads of Time

How tenun has encapsulated the traditional way of life, the myths and beliefs, the taboos and ceremonies of the people…

2 months ago

The Monuments Man

How a most unlikely civil servant reimagined a museum

2 months ago

Explore Pahang’s Rich Heritage through Carefully Curated Collections

The Sultan Abu Bakar Museum has so much more than what meets the eye. Discover Pahang's remarkable stories as told…

3 months ago

The Iconic Sultan Abu Bakar Museum in Pekan

With its colonial façade and state-of-the-art interior, the 93-year-old Sultan Abu Bakar Museum in Pekan is the epitome of tradition…

3 months ago

From Weaving in Prison to Weaving in London

The story of how an ex-prisoner found redemption and acceptance by weaving silk.

3 months ago

Raising The Bar

At Penor Prison, there is more than meets the eye. Against all odds, discover how Tenun has served as a…

3 months ago

Why The Queen of Malaysia is Promoting Prisoners at London Craft Week

Kassandra Kassim talks to Her Majesty Queen Azizah about her passion for Tenun

3 months ago

The Slap That Was Heard Across The World

Will Smith banned from the Oscars for 10 years, but gets to keep his Oscar for King Richard

4 months ago