Crime Does Pay

At least for murder mystery authors and content producers...we explore why

2 years ago

Inquiry Into Nora Quoirin’s Death Opens

The inquest will be available on live stream to the public.

3 years ago

Goldman Sachs and Malaysia Sign Off On US$3.9 Billion 1MDB Settlement

The news comes weeks after former prime minister Najib Razak was found guilty of seven charges related to 1MDB.

3 years ago

How Malaysia, India and Russia Compare In The Fight Against Tiger Poachers

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -…

3 years ago

Ghislane Maxwell Has Been Arrested for Financier Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Crimes

If you've watched Netflix's documentary Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich or have kept up with the Epstein trial, you would be…

3 years ago

Harvey Weinstein Victims To Receive US$19 Million

This comes after Weinstein’s February 2020 conviction.

3 years ago

Indonesia’s Tragic Family Murders

Crimes that shocked the nation.

3 years ago

Is Harvey Weinstein’s Downfall a Victory for #MeToo?

The Hollywood movie mogul faces a lengthy time behind bars.

3 years ago

High-profile Sexual Abuse Perpetrators Around the World

Peadophiles, Princes and Power: Part 2

3 years ago

Uncovering Jeffery Epstein’s Controversial Death

Peadophiles, Princes and Power: Part 1

3 years ago