News Commentary

The Truth Before Our Very Eyes?

It is often said that the first casualty in war is the truth. So what do we make of the…

2 years ago

The Pfizer Vaccine… and 28 days later

Between Illuminati conspiracy theories and the Age of (too much) Information, our Man in London tells us what it’s really…

3 years ago

Covid 19 Vaccine Race Against Time Roll Out Plan in South East Asia

Over 400 million people expected to be immunised within the next 12 months

3 years ago

Whatsapp Is Your New Shopping Catalogue

Whatsapp is now making it easier for people to shop online.

3 years ago

COVAX: The Global Plan to Share COVID-19 Vaccines

Involving both rich and poor countries.

3 years ago

Remembering Legendary TV And Radio Host, Larry King

Many influential figures have been paying their respects to the titan of broadcasting who passed away at 87 years old.

3 years ago

Indonesia Hunts For Survivors As Powerful Quake Death Toll Hits 81

Many people are still trapped under collapsed buildings because they were sleeping when the quake struck Mamuju City.

3 years ago

How Malaysians Are Reacting Towards The MCO 2.0 Announcement

Mixed feelings due to the big impact on people's livelihoods as well as the economy.

3 years ago

Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Drive in Beijing For Chinese New Year

China races to innoculate millions before the Lunar New Year mass travel season in February.

3 years ago

Bond actress, ‘That ’70s Show’ star Tanya Roberts Is Still Alive

The death announcement reported earlier by her partner Lance O'Brien was not true.

3 years ago