Jakarta Enters New Lockdown After Coronavirus Cases Surge

Indonesia is the Southeast Asian country with the higest number of COVID-19 cases.

Why Pakistan’s Coronavirus Cases Are Dwindling Against All Odds

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Hong Kong’s New National Security Law Sees Anti-China Critic Crackdown

The new law criminalised certain political speech overnight and saw the arrest of 10 activists.

Two Hong Kong Opposition Lawmakers Arrested For Protests

The arrests were based on protests on 6 and 21 July last year.

Usain Bolt Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

He shows no symptoms and is self-isolating at home.

These Are The Countries That Have Pre-Ordered The COVID-19 Vaccine

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What Will Happen If Trump Bans TikTok And WeChat

He has given a directive for companies to stop doing business with Chinese platforms within 45 days.