9 Date-Worthy Restaurants in Southeast Asia

Our Valentine’s Day guide to restaurants in the region that serve up the sexy.
Wednesday 13 February 2019
Dine with a stunning view of bustling Bangkok at Vertigo.

Score some brownie points with your date when you introduce these dining options.

Kuala Lumpur

Foo Foo Fine Desserts

Cuisine: Desserts

Two culinary sex symbols – chocolate and cherries – flirt deliciously in the chocolate mascarpone sour cherry trifle, making the bittersweet bite a fitting prelude to more ‘desserts’ – the kind served in the bedroom.



Cuisine: International

The titillating texture of freshly shucked David Hervé oysters is best served with the rooftop view of Bangkok’s twinkling skyline.


Cuisine: Thai

Royal Thai flavours conjured from environmentally-sourced ingredients in this Michelin-starred restaurant turns up the heat with aphrodisiac ingredients like aubergines, galangal and the pulse-quickening essential: chilli.


Fat Cow

Cuisine: Japanese

Uni (sea urchin), with its luxurious buttery texture, is a famous Japanese aphrodisiac. Savour it with other sexy delicacies like caviar, wagyu steak and foie gras in for a potent lift.


Cuisine: European

From fig pistachio to truffle eggs, symbols of virility look almost too good to eat in Jaan.


Plataran Menteng

Cuisine: Indonesian

Rice can be racy – it has long been associated with fertility and love. Load up on the carbs with some blood-pumping spicy dishes for the vigorous ‘after-party’ under the sheets.

The Dutch

Cuisine: European

As we have established, shape matters in aphrodisiac food. By that logic, it’s hard to go wrong with sausages, especially traditionally handmade and slow-smoked sausages in this lauded gastropub.

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Cuisine: French Mediterranean

An elegant and peaceful oasis in the middle of fast-paced Manila, Lemuria serves dainty dishes infused with arousing flavours of saffron and truffle.

Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant

Cuisine: Philippine

If fine dining is too stuffy, let loose with a hearty Pinoy buffet dinner and, if you’re lucky, a cultural show! The old Spanish-era ambience in the historic district is sure to elicit some romantic tingles too.

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