Friday 23 November 2018
We can't wait to see the film in all its glory. Photo: Walt Disney Studios/YouTube

Forget Cinderella, The Jungle Book (also directed by Jon Favreau) and Beauty and the Beast this is the live-action remake everybody is waiting for. And with an opening like that, how could we not?

See for yourself:

Laugh at us all you want, we can’t be the only ones on the verge of tears (and we’re not). Here’s what everybody else is saying about this extremely promising trailer:

Even though it’s only a teaser it already managed to capture what fans loved best about the original a sweeping sense of the epic story about to be told.

We’re all for appropriation but found ourselves appreciating how faithful this reimagining was.

The live-action remake of The Lion King is due out summer next year and though this feels like a long way away, at the very least it means we’ll probably get another few trailers to look forward to.

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