Wednesday 27 November 2019
Photo: The LINC KL

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, just along the bustling Jalan Tun Razak, is a calm oasis which offers a slice of quiet, perfect for those seeking a weekend hideaway – The Linc. A new retail experience set in one of the city’s last green areas, the 130,000 sq ft The Linc is inspired by nature. In fact, the mall was built with nature in mind, incorporating the existing grand trees in its design. Instagram addicts will love it for its inspiring art installations in every nook and cranny, begging to be included in social media feeds while avid foodies will find no place better to indulge their curious taste buds.

Start by giving your legs a stretch as you stroll around the establishment. Exercise your photography skills as you capture all that nature has to flaunt at The Linc. Feast your eyes on the playful artworks which contribute a burst of colours and breathe life into the area. A giant owl vector masterpiece seen from all floors, the vibrant letterbox corner by the parking lot, and a dramatic origami installation featuring 41,600 paper doves in 40 colours are not to be missed.

But if you want to expand on your foodie adventure, allow yourself to make a longer-than-necessary pitstop at the homely Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G.), The Linc’s delightful one-stop eat, drink, shop avenue for people who love everything and anything that has to do with food. Perfect for any occasion, whether it is lingering over a cup of coffee, catching up at a brunch session with a gaggle of friends, getting together with your closest family members, or even a relaxed weekend lunch for two, B.I.G. is where it is at.

Step inside a vibrant and welcoming world of tasty adventures which will excite and inspire even the most discerning of foodies. At the award-winning B.I.G., a colossal store which overflows with food, they take great pride in curating only the finest ingredients from all over the world so that you may explore and expand your taste buds, right here in your backyard.

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B.I.G. offers more than your everyday essentials and consumables. Experience a complete grocery adventure through its impressive array of specialised ingredient-themed sections like Barn Butchery the meat specialist, Bay Seafood which boasts the freshest catch of the day, B.Organic featuring kind-to-your-wellbeing products, and Malaya Kitchen for the best of local produce.

As you excitedly traverse B.I.G.’s rows upon rows of products and produce with a kid or two in tow, remember to make a pitstop at the fruit weighing counter for a free and healthy vitamin-packed snack for your little one. For a little bit of education and a whole load of fun, grab a kiddy-sized shopping trolley and watch them have a ball of a time. No other grocer in Malaysia provides such a wholesome, family-friendly activity.

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If grocery shopping has whetted your appetite, leading you far and well into a growling belly, then you should treat yourself. Put the passionate The Grocer’s Kitchen’s staff to the test by grabbing a prime slab of marbled ribeye steak and have them cook it for you on the spot. Alternatively, if you are an aspiring chef with MasterChef-like cooking chops, take a little bit of B.I.G. home with you and feverishly work your kitchen as you have never before.

Aiming to sink your teeth into a thick cut of dry-aged Angus striploin? You can do just that at B.I.G. The Linc. Barn Butchery offers dry-aged beef services, the only B.I.G. outlet that does, where you can get marbled dry-aged beef which has been aged up to 28 days. If you would like to eat-in, try the Grill-Me service – hand your selection of any meat from Barn Butchery and they will grill it to perfection at The Grocer’s Kitchen. If you would like to take it home with you, simply present your chosen cut that is to be aged and the butchers will take it from there.

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Is seafood your weak spot? Turn it into a sweet spot when you get hooked on the finest sea morsels from Delmare, serving up oysters from off the coast of Japan, France, US, and New Zealand, and an array of melt-in-your-mouth caviar. If you prefer products direct from the Japanese sea, say Konnichiwa to Tokyo Delicatessen’s authentic serving of thick-cut sashimi. Tokyo Delicatessen, in particular, is wildly popular among the working crowd in the area for quick lunches as it serves up fresh, ready-packed sushi, sashimi, and even bento meals on the daily.

For something savoury with a Vietnamese touch, do pop by I Love Pho, Melbourne’s favourite Vietnamese noodle stop ever-ready to serve you tummy-warming bowls of pho. Slurp on the scrumptious broth while munching on spring rolls and sipping Vietnamese coffee – a quintessential Vietnamese experience.

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If your guilty pleasure is all things cheese, go ahead and indulge your private love affair with brie or camembert at B.I.G. The Linc’s expansive Chalk & Cheese section. Have fun navigating the wide variety of cheeses from all types of brands and even types of cheeses in search of the perfect combination for your cheese platter.

Maybe pair the soft, creamy cheese of your choice with a lush bottle of Chardonnay or two from Bottleshop by Boozeit, B.I.G.’s very own impressive cellar of a formidable collection of wines, spirits, rum, whiskey, gin, sake, and soju from all over the world. The dizzying choice of tipples will surely put a smile on your face.

Also worth mentioning are easy-breezy stops where you can get your dessert fixes to satisfy your sweet tooth such as Inside Scoop and Cocodash by Cocoraw. While you are at it, skip on over to Hercaa to get your bubble tea fix and sample plenty of other delicious tea flavours, browse premium blooms bursting with life at Orchid Culture, pick up a piece of last-minute fixer-upper equipment for your toolbox at Hipple Hardware, or make someone’s day with a fun gift from Balloon Wonderland.

And that is not all. The grocer also aims to satiate your appetite for discovery through live demonstrations, community-driven events at its Little Big Market, and many other fun creative activities such as social cooking activities, demonstrations, or hands-on workshops you and your family will surely appreciate. Be sure to check their Facebook or Instagram for the latest events activities in store.

One thing is for sure, a visit to B.I.G. The Linc will see you taking home not just regular and gourmet grocery needs, but also new cooking skills and recipes, and maybe an eco-friendly souvenir. Just remember to grab a perfectly brewed cup of coffee from Independent Coffee & Crumbs Bakery to cap off your day on your way out.

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