Jewellery Designer Emi Stames' Guide to Life

Jewellery designer. Entertainer. Mother. Emi deserves to have all eyes on her, especially The Watch List. 
Tuesday 7 August 2018
Balancing her business and personal life is a skill Emi Stames has perfected over the years.

Emi is part of a jewellery design double act, with her sister Nina. Their glittering creations have graced the pages of British Vogue, Tatler UK and Vanity Fair UK.

Before Zahira Fine Jewellery, Emi was immersed in the world of commercials and fashion modelling, mainly in runways, unsurprising with her height and unique Thai/American beauty, however she left most of it to focus on her jewellery.

For Emi, her most rewarding (and challenging) job so far is being a mother. She prides herself on being able to manage a career, motherhood and still have time to travel and enjoy life. Instantly, we want to know how she chills and recharge.

Taking a break during hectic times: “I sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing,”
she says. Emi starts her work day at 5.45am and that can go on until 10 at night, so
these breaks are really helpful and important to her. And her motto on days when
she is off from work? “Just eat and sleep and repeat,” says Emi.

Favourite holiday destinations: “I love exploring old cities and old towns; anything
with walking alleys, so I would have to say Venice,” says Emi enthusiastically.
When it comes to beaches, Emi picks the ones in Bodrum, Turkey. “I’m a beach
person and if I don’t go for a while, I start having withdrawals,” she adds.

Best drink by the pool: “Bloody Mary, for sure. It’s healthy with all the vegetables,
right?” she says with a glint in her eye. “It’s definitely my go-to, with extra
tabasco. The spicier, the better.”

Relaxing tunes: The right music can calm your mind. Emi listens to Bob Marley
whose music can really bring on the holiday mood. Her favourite tune from the
king of reggae is ‘Three Little Birds’. The key to picking the best vacation tune is
to find songs that allow you to stare into the horizon and not think too much,
says Emi.

Travelling for inspiration: Aside from giving her a break, travelling also inspires Emi
in her jewellery design. She and her sister are set to go on such a trip soon. “I’d
love to go to India,” she says. “There are lots of colours, textures and beautiful
gemstones; it’s either India or Marrakech (in Morocco),” she adds.