Enjoy A Memorable Mid-Autumn Mooncake Treat From EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Chef Tan’s Specialty Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes comes in six delicate and delectable flavours.
Friday 21 August 2020
EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur's Celestial Treasures mooncakes are delectable gifts to treat your loved ones or yourself this mid-autumn festival. Photo: EQ Kuala Lumpur

Snow skin mooncakes are hard to resist which makes them a much sought after variant to the more commonly found baked mooncake versions, but what makes snow skin mooncakes so irresistible are their soft, delicate and silky smooth texture. 

EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur has come up with a box of  mini snow skin treats from their Celestial Treasures collection featuring six tantalising miniature snow skin mooncakes. Don’t be fooled by the “mini” description, though, these mooncakes can easily be shared between two people. Chef Tan Tzaan Ling of EQ crafted the snow skin mooncakes in an array of new and familiar flavours which includes white lotus and dried fruit, yuzu pandan with pumpkin seeds, taro with red bean and black goji, green tea and red bean with mixed nuts, rose lychee and musang king durian flavour. 

Each snow skin mooncake comes with a delectable, silky snow skin layering that accentuates the flavours of the ingredients. You can definitely tell only the freshest and best ingredients are used in each mini snow skin mooncake especially in the yuzu pandan with pumpkin seeds that surprises the taste buds with a hint of citrus and the familiar pandan taste. Meanwhile, the taro with red bean showcases that it’s often the simplest ingredients that make the best combination of flavours when it comes to mooncakes. 


Each mini snow skin mooncake is cased in the silkiest snow skin casing that accentuates the natural flavours inside. Photo: EQ Kuala Lumpur


Undeniably, the star of the pack has to be the snow skin musang king durian that hits you with the incomparable taste of the “king of fruits”.  You can tell the freshness of the fruit by looking at the stringy fibers of the durian still visible in the mooncake paste. The flavours packed in a box of Chef Tan’s Specialty Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes from EQ is definitely enough to make anyone’s mid-autumn festivities a memorable one.