7 Stylish Things You’d Want to Inherit From Dad

Hopefully you inherited his good taste, too. 
Thursday 14 June 2018
Photo: B&B Italia

The Bend Sofa
“Get it in black, you can’t see stains!” So say the guys at the office, and it’s true, who wants the hassle of a clean-up? Whatever the stains may be. As long as no one shines a black light, who cares? This luxurious Bend Sofa by B&B Italia is great for watching the World Cup with the boys.

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alessi - dad
Photo: Alessi/iStock

La Conica
Get your espresso shots ready for those long nights of World Cup matches on Russian time with the iconic La Conica. Designed by architect Aldo Rossi, La Conica sees the sophisticated use of simple geometrical shapes to create a functional tool for making coffee. This elegant coffee maker will sit beautifully on your countertop along with the ‘Sicily is My Love‘ collection.

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santoni-espadrilles - dad
Photo: Santoni/iStock

Santoni Leather Espadrilles
For the ultimate in comfort and style, Santoni’s new leather espadrilles are the answer. Smooth supple leather matched with good anti-slip rubber soles, these snug espadrilles will take you a long way, whether you’re walking around Russia during the World Cup or strolling along the beaches of Bali.

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caviar - dad
Photo: Russian Caviar House

Imperial Caviar
What better way to celebrate this World Cup than with the most Russian food? Aside from borscht. Russian Caviar House in Singapore is 35 years in the making and they promise authentic Russian caviar from the Suda river, to go with your blinis. Fear not, they do deliver to Malaysia and their selection ranges from classic to imperial; you’ll want the imperial.

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cutler-and-gross - dad
Photo: Cutler and Gross/iStock

Cutler and Gross Sunglasses
This lush eyewear brand has dressed the creme de la creme of the spy world, the Kingsmen, well at least for their second movie. Nonetheless, their frames will make you look like you’ve stepped off a movie set and are ready for the summer. So don’t get caught in the sun without one of their swanky sunglasses.

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footballers-cars2 - dad
Photo: Audi, Motobili Lamborghini

Luxury Wheels
If your dad’s taste in cars is anything like Ronaldo, Ballotelli, Rooney, Messi or Neymar’s, then he might have one of these sitting in his garage (if you’re lucky). The Audi R8, Bentley Continental GT and Lamborghini Aventador are all popular with the footballers who have the means (but maybe not so much the time) to indulge in their toys.