A Noble White Beer Makes You Feel The Alps At Home

Heineken Malaysia Brings Edelweiss, A New Wheat Beer, to Malaysia
Saturday 3 July 2021
Photo: Unsplash

It’s the summer again, temperatures are rising, and restlessness is setting in—especially now that travelling is still limited. There is no escaping to a nice breezy island or the cooler mountains for most of us. But not to worry, if you can’t get to the mountains, why don’t you bring the mountains into your home?

Heineken Malaysia comes to the rescue with their latest product, a wheat beer from the Austrian Alps, named after its illustrious flower, edelweiss. The wheat beer is a delicious, refreshing ‘weissbier’ with a slight fruity aftertaste. The beer’s heritage can be traced all the way back to the 17th century. If you’ve ever been to the Alps, especially during ski season when fresh snow has just fallen, you will be teleported back onto those cold fresh slopes when drinking an ice-cold Edelweiss. It is refreshing for sure, and the quest for refreshment already starts with the packaging, with its fresh blue colours, mountain top visual and sleek cans.

Interestingly, edelweiss (whose literal meaning is noble white) is a flower of great tales and myths, immortalised in various emblems across the Alpine countries, and of course by Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music. While the song is associated with Austrian nationalism and pride against the Nazis, the flower symbolises strength and resilience, since it was believed that the flower lived high up in the Alps under difficult circumstances. It is therefore also associated with courage and love; as it was not easy for a man to find the flower in the mountains and bring it back for the love of his life.

Thanks to Heineken, it is now much easier to show your love for your partner, family or friends. Order your cans and bottles at Drinkies. You can also rent the Edelweiss Blade Draught Machine and 8L barrels, of course only once you are allowed to have guests again. And while a cold fresh Edelweiss is always a good idea on its own, it can also be enjoyed with a delicious cheese platter or other snacks.