Forget Tinder, Here Are The Alternative Dating Sites You Need To Know

If you're into uniforms or vampires (seriously), there's a dating site for you.
Wednesday 26 August 2020
If you've been on all the typical dating sites, perhaps it's time to explore new horizons that are not quite the norm. Photo: Pexels

So you’ve probably been on Tinder, scrolled through Bumble and attempted joining Coffee Meets Bagels, none of which have proven very fruitful. Lockdowns around the world haven’t helped either in your quest for a date, since there’s no travelling allowed and therefore an incredibly slim chance of an international match, let alone a meeting. Since you likely have plenty of time on your hands to explore new dating sites. You’ll never know, there’s bound to be a dating site out there that could just fill in the gaps on an unusual hobby that you’re into.


For international matches

Many of the big dating apps focus on matching people in the same areas via geolocation. If you’d rather meet people on the other side of the globe, may be of interest. The site boasts more than 50,000 people worldwide and you could find someone you fancy in the UK or US especially. You can go a little more old school with the site’s chatroom


For the LGBTQIA+ community and allies

Taimi, an app launched in 2017, has an intimate, intuitive interface. It combines the best bits of a dating and social network where users can chat and make video calls to find friends or relationships. With more than 7 million users, of which 85% belong to the community, the app has fulfilled a need. Even if you’re not looking for love, you could always make a new friend.


For those who are older

DateMyAge is dedicated to those over 45 who are looking for age specific matches. It’s not just locals you will meet, you can find mature people all around the world. The site and its app aims to match singles who know what they want and of course, it’s never too late to find love, no matter how old you are.


For the lovers of being in the nude

It might seem strange and out of the ordinary, but this practice isn’t new. Combine that with the boom in online dating sites, and you get, dedicated to dating for nudists. It’s got an informative blog about news in the nudist/naturist world and is intended only for practicing nudists in order to bring the nudist philosophy from the beach to the web. Just don’t check your matches during work hours as the site is NSFW for obvious reasons.


For vegetarians and vegans

Meals are an important moment for social exchanges of all types, making them a key activity for successful dating. And you won’t need to disclose how you’re particular about finding someone who is vegan or vegetarian since there’s a dating site who brings like-minded, plant-loving people together. Veggly offers vegetarians and vegans the chance to meet each other, as their sensitivities to the causes of animal rights, the environment and health are a definite point in common. Along these same lines, GlutenfreeSingles is for those with special diets. Here’s to hoping that the search for love is fruitful.


For clowns 

More than just a job, being a clown is a way of seeing and appreciating the world. Have you ever wondered what the life of a clown is like outside of the ring? If yes, it’s perhaps the moment to sign up at clowndating.comEven if clowning around isn’t your profession but you just are intrigued by them, this could be your chance to get to know one better. Having said that, there’s no guarantee that you won’t encounter It either.



If you wear a uniform

We can think of a few reasons why men and women in uniforms could be so appealing (cue side eye smirk emoji) and it’s no wonder that there’s a site for those who love uniforms out there. offers a chance for those who wear a uniform, from nurses to firefighters, to get together. The idea seems to be a good one and in all seriousness, perhaps due to the constraints related to these professions (on-call shifts, night shifts, frequent moves) or the values those who wear uniforms may share, it’s a better match for success finding someone who understands just all the irregularities of the profession.


If mullet haircuts make you weak

Among the most highly specific dating sites, has got to be in the top three. According to the site, the mullet cut is a veritable lifestyle. You can therefore refine your search by joining subgroups related to hobbies like wrestling, country music or monster trucks. If you prefer your country music without mullets, check out Western Match.


For vampire fans

Some people may have never gotten over the sensation created by Twilight a few years ago, or perhaps they were already self-proclaimed vampires. Either way, the subject of conversation is already laid out with The website’s introduction reads: “Try something new as you indulge in ever expanding vampire fantasies. Meet a constantly increasing list of members that want to meet you and share their vampire experiences with you. Vampire Dating Site has made everything simple and easy by placing all your vampire needs in one convenient location.” We say it’s only if you take the creatures of the night seriously.


Source: AFP Relax News