Gaizka Mendieta's Thoughts and Predictions for the World Cup

The former Valencia player shares what’s exactly on his mind. 
Tuesday 19 June 2018
Gaizka Mendieta predicts results for the World Cup. Video: UNRESERVED

If you have been a football fan since the 90s, then you will most likely be familiar with the name Gaizka Mendieta.

A former Valencia and Middlesborough midfielder, he has represented Spain at numerous international competitions (including the World Cup) and has played an instrumental role in the success of his teams throughout his illustrious 17 year career.

We spoke exclusively to him about his thoughts on the World Cup – winners and losers, his predictions and disappointments and the question on every football fan’s mind right now – whether he’s #teammessi or #teamronaldo.

Have your say – tell us whether you’d rather be teammates with Messi or Ronaldo:

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