Game of Thrones Things You Need Before The New Season is Out

From stunning Adidas Ultra Boosts to a chic collection of whiskey for premiere night, here are GoT inspired products you need right now.
Saturday 16 March 2019
Diageo have hit the nail on it's head with these eight GoT themed bottles. Photo: Diageo Malaysia

Game of Thrones is coming this April a little late for winter but they’re here anyway and in their wake are various products that capitalise on their final appearance. The highly acclaimed show has one of the farthest reaches for a TV show, managing to capture an incredibly international audience. Not only does it span across countries but it’s garnered attention from non-fantasy fans as well.

GOT_S8_FirstLook_02 - Game of Thrones
We’d suggest getting the rugs used for beyond the Wall but we’re sure they’re sold out in Ikea already. Photo: HBO


This means that the fan base for merchandise of the show is far and wide. General merchandise like the increasingly popular Pop Vinyl figures and miniature dragon statues or eggs are pricey and more common for hardcore fans, but for those who don’t like knickknacks that tend to collect dust here are three things you should look forward to.

1. Adidas Ultra Boost Sneakers

Game of Thrones collaborated with fashionable sportswear brand Adidas to produce a stunning collection of themed sneaks. Chic and unassuming, the collection consists of six different designs that have been applied to their popular running shoes the Ultra Boost.

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The look is minimalist but to the point and it’s easy to see the inspiration in the black Fire and Blood House of Targaryen and House Lannister Hear me Roar shoes. If you’re all for winter coming and conquering, then grab a pair of the white walker ice blue sneaks or take off running in the House Stark grey and blacks.


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2. Diageo Limited-Edition Collection of Scotch Whiskies

Eight bottles for eight seasons, Diageo have a beautiful set of Scotch Whiskies to celebrate the finals season. Following the previous release of the White Walker Johnnie Walker that changes colour when frozen, we now get the houses in all their glory from Tully to Tyrell.

Seven out of the eight are uniform except for the designs on the label except for the all black Nights Watch bottle that stands out from the rest holding Oban Bay Reserve inside, a scotch that comes from a place that sits below a cliff between the West Highlands and the Islands of Scotland, separating land and sea. It will warm you even on the coldest of winter nights.

Diageo_GoT Single Malt Whisky Collection_Image 3(h) (1) - Game of Thrones
For all your brisk winter nights, have this Night’s Watch bottle of Oban Bay Reserve on a little ol’ Ikea rug. Photo: Diageo Malaysia


Diageo_GoT Single Malt Whisky Collection_Image 2 (3) - Game of Thrones
The designs on the bottle are drool worthy to truly hardcore fans. Photo: Diageo Malaysia

Get the entire collection on staythirsty and keep warm through April.

3. Urban Decay X Game of Thrones Palette

Glamorous makeup brand Urban Decay has announced it’s collaboration with Game of Thrones and the release is set for April. There are no further details other than the Twitter and Instagram posts that came out in February but fans are already guessing what and who they might take inspiration from. With their success with the Pulp Fiction palette, it won’t be surprising if this flies off the shelves as well.

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