Thursday 23 April 2020
The best seat in the apartment. Photo: Airbnb

Bored at home? While trying out new recipes, painting and working out are all fun activities to indulge in during this lockdown period, it never hurts to add a few more things on the list to help kill time. So check out these handy gardening tips for your home, inspired by beautiful Airbnb accommodations.

gardening tips for front of the house
Photo: Airbnb


For those blessed with a beautiful patio, plant a lemon tree in a pot and geraniums in smaller pots for long-lasting color. A handy gardening tip is to think of your patio or deck as a summer living room. So also invest in good lighting, as it makes for a stunning view at night when you’re looking out your window, with a glass or two of fine wine.

garden for apartments
Photo: Airbnb


To create a more relaxing space, go natural. A garden doesn’t have to be manicured because maintaining it can be a bit stressful unless you love gardening and have plenty of time to spare. So think of your garden as semi-wild. Plant herbs in with flowers and mix all sorts of roses and other flowers together.

gardening tips for backyard
Photo: Airbnb


Have a big backyard? You’d be glad to know most vegetables are pretty easy to grow, including the basics such as potatoes, onions, and garlic. Squash, cucumbers, peppers and eggplant are also pretty hearty. So if you have time on your hands, this is a cool project to try out.

modern apartment design with home plants
Photo: Airbnb


Chic apartments are also great for putting your green fingers to the test. If your space gets a lot of shade, plant ferns. They grow well and give your space a dramatic effect. For flowers, begonias and fuchsias thrive in the shade. Additionally, these flowers give a welcomed pop of colour to darker areas.

gardening tips for high walls
Photo: Airbnb


Limited space is also not an excuse for saying no to a touch of greenery in your home. For this ultimate gardening tip, you’ll need a tall wall. Next, plant a vine like climbing fig or rose to cover the wall. This gives the space some much needed coziness. Plus, it also makes for a great feature wall for Instagram!

Source: Airbnb