Monday 10 February 2020
Getting to know the gorgeous girl that is Cinta Laura Kiel. Photo: Wong Sim

These days it isn’t enough to be an artiste dominating radio, Spotify airwaves and YouTube plays. You also need to have (or attempt to get) your very own makeup, jewellery and clothing line, as well as collaborate with different labels to get your brand “out there”. In other words, you can’t just sing, you need to own brands that your fans buy in to that best “sell” you.

Cinta Laura Kiehl is one such celebrity who has a certain je ne sais quoi about her, someone we would consider a creative entrepreneur and not just a diva who can belt out a tune. states that one of the qualities of one such person is that they are “confident and don’t question their worthiness of success”, which Kiehl has.

Oh Cinta!

At first impression, Kiehl – or also more affectionately known as Cinta Laura – exudes sensuality and an air of confidence of someone who knows what they’ve got and flaunts it, although she confesses she was extremely shy when she first entered the industry. “I had low self-esteem. Even a few years into my career, I was still lacking confidence but I think that’s normal for any teenager,” she reveals.


Even to this day she has moments when she’s uncertain about herself. “But we’re so lucky that we live in a world that really promotes mental health, body confidence and just being happy with what you have so I think this just comes with maturity. I wouldn’t say that I’m super confident; I can be and portray myself as that individual but I do have moments when I’m not as confident as I appear. Given my occupation, I try to be a competent person because I want to show other women that you just have to be happy with what you have, regardless of your imperfections. And that’s really the message that I’m trying to convey.”

It’s obvious when you watch Kiehl work at a photo shoot that she has done it a hundred times over, having perfected every pout, pose and angle. The hairstylist, makeup artist, stylist and photographer team that we engaged for the shoot, is familiar with what she likes and doesn’t. Together they work seamlessly, floating between shots and outfit changes while making quick modifications to her hair.


Similarly, Kiehl knows what she wants and how to get it when it comes to her career, morphing from actress to singer to philanthropist (she’s an ambassador for anti-violence against women and children) and most recently dabbling in beauty and fashion with her own line of skincare and sportswear releasing early next year. “Everything I do caters to empowering women and making sure they feel beautiful and confident,” she says.

Her two singles Vida and Caliente were just released this year and she flew to Kuala Lumpur in November to perform for e-commerce platform Lazada’s 11.11 show. On the acting front, Kiehl’s latest movie, a horror flick titled Jeritan Malam, is due for release soon. She plays a character that is her complete opposite in reality.

Perfect, Regardless Of Imperfections

You wouldn’t know that Kiehl has self-doubt, especially when you scroll through her Instagram feed (with 7.1 million followers, and counting) and see the poised, glamorous pictures and videos posted there. Unbelievably, she also doesn’t think she’s sexy. “I’m just very honest about who I am,” she states. “I think a lot of people now know that I live a very healthy lifestyle and I enjoy exercising and when I do, I tend to wear a sports bra and tights and I think that’s normal.”

Cinta_U_511 - people
“I want to show other women that you just have to be happy with what you have, regardless of your imperfections,” – Cinta Laura

Having lived in the United States for eight years has made her comfortable in her own skin and the fact that everyone who works out wears similar clothing normalises it. “If some of my shoots may be sexy, I think it’s still done in an elegant and tasteful way. So as long as it’s appropriate to the environment, I don’t think there’s a problem with that,” she explains.

In a conservative country like Indonesia where Kiehl’s career first took off, it might be a no-no for some to see a celebrity parading midriff-baring tops and skin-tight sports bras. Kiehl says that she thinks it’s important for people to be able to express themselves however they want to, whether conservative or liberal. “Indonesia is a pluralistic nation with various different cultures. No matter what your beliefs are, no matter how you want to present yourself, no matter what you look like, you should be free to express yourself the way you want to.”