Go Retro With Veuve Clicquot's Colourful Audio Cassette Tape Boxes

Embrace the 80s nostalgia with this scrumptious champagne.
Tuesday 15 September 2020
Veuve Clicquot knows how to have fun in retro style. Photo: Veuve Clicquot

In true 80s fashion, Veuve Clicquot have decided to go ‘Retro Chic!’ because champagne should be fun. It’s a drink for celebration, for all your New Years and fabulous parties and what better way to spice that up that with this collection of six daring and eye-catching retro-designed audio cassette tape boxes.


Pretty in blue, holo and bloc patterns. Photo: Veuve Clicquot


Once they draw your eye in, you can’t look away from the Clicquot iconic yellow and the disco, iridescent and zebra motifs that decorate the cassettes. These boxes were created as a colourful nod to the yesteryear as well as a celebration of the house’s prevailing love of beautiful objects. It showcases the delicious Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label cuvée behind bright funky iridescence decorated metal with tiny screws in the shape of the House’s symbolic comet.


Delightful bubbly to add to a celebration. Photo: Veuve Clicquot


For all those still living in the days of disco, this limited edition box is the thing for you, a retro party is the perfect setting to crack the cassette out and pour out the bubbly. It sits at home with colourful neon lights, metallic leotards and perms. Play your favourite bops in the background and whip out the disco ball for that mood lighting.

Eco-warriors need fear not that special boxing will create more unnecessary trash. The Clicquot Tape limited edition also features 100% recyclable packaging. The interior form which holds the bottle in place is made from 100% sustainable pulp material and is easy to remove, allowing you to keep the box at home or recycle it.


That iconic yellow makes everything just pop. Photo: Veuve Clicquot


Give the Clicquot Tape box second life in your home to house brick-a-brack, being reused like the tapes it is shaped after.

The Clicquot Tape limited edition is available at participating outlets in Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, B.I.G as well as online retailer Boozeat.com. For more information on the fantastic champagne visit www.veuveclicquot.com.