Going Eco-Friendly With Subang Parade's Village Grocer

The popular family-favourite grocer opens a new store with a nod towards sustainability and the environment. 
Friday 2 October 2020
Subang Parade has now been blessed with it's very own Village Grocer. Photo: The Food Purveyor

At the ripe old age of 35, Subang Parade has seen many changes in the years but has remained a favourite amongst locals. The loss of a supermarket in the mall impacted visitor numbers and this year, The Food Purveyor is filling that gap with it’s newest Village Grocer branch.

Instead of just popping up with just another ol’ supermarket, the team at Food Purveyor are introducing a Village Grocer that we as a society need. This particular market is their pilot eco-friendly concept outlet as an initiative part of their pledge to be plastic free by 2023. 


The very recognisable entrance of Village Grocer was packed with Subang shoppers excited for the new store. Photo: The Food Purveyor


It’s an effort to rid the supermarket of single-use plastic consumption and when successful will be implemented to the other stores. As Group Executive Chairman Mr Ong Kim Too said, “We have embarked on a mission to minimise and reduce single-use plastics and drive towards a circular economy where sustainability is at the core of our operations.” 

Fear no more eco-warriors, things are a-happening. At this new store, the wet market section offers fresh produce straight from local farmers that support sustainable agricultural practices.


Bright and green greet you first thing at this new grocer. Photo: The Food Purveyor


Inside the store the company has made an effort to work with their suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging for the fresh produce,. Customers should instead bring reusable bags to pack their veggies in. 


The chillies to the right of the picture were arranged with such finesse. Photo: The Food Purveyor


There is also their zero-waste section of dry condiments where customers are encouraged to bring their own containers to take away all their bits and bobs. Not only are you reducing the plastic in the way, but you get to take only what you need instead of surplus that might go to waste. 


Remember to bring your own containers for this section. Photo: The Food Purveyor


After the hours that you might spend purveying the Australian Milo tins and adorably arranged chillies, you can grab a pick-me-up at the all-new Bakers Village. Just follow the nose-tingling smells of freshly baked delicacies to get a fresh cup of joe to finish off your shopping spree. If you want to relax with your coffee, there is a Book Excess right next to the bakery so you can dig into a good book with that Americano. 


Enjoy a tasty and buttery almond croissant at the Baker’s Village. Photo: The Food Purveyor


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