Friday 28 December 2018
Maybe that G should be an F. Photo: Instagram/Sesame Street

The year’s not over yet 2018 has graced us with yet another online perception conundrum after the Yanny vs Laurel debate that broke the internet earlier this year. The latest one to go viral is a scene from the popular children’s programme Sesame Street which has many viewers in disbelief after ostensibly hearing Grover say something he arguably should not have been saying.

That is, if he really said it. In the six-second clip, Grover was discussing how to film a scene with his friend Rosita who suggested moving her camera phone, in which the ever-enthusiastic Grover could be heard responding, “Yes, yes that sounds like an excellent idea.”

But that’s not what some viewers heard, with many reporting that they hear him say, “Yes, yes that’s a f**king excellent idea.” It’s definitely got a bunch of people bewildered at how the brain tricks you into hearing what you are looking to hear. In other words, expect to hear “that’s a f**king excellent idea,” and that’s exactly what you’ll hear.

Here’s how others have responded to the phenomenon:

So we’re curious to know – what did you hear?

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